Fame by Karen Kingsbury


A Lifelong Dream

Katy Hart has always dreamed of becoming an actress. She almost had her chance several years ago when she filmed a television series. However, after the tragic death of her friend she decided a life of fame wasn't for her. But, the Hollywood star Dayne Matthews is in the process of casting for his new movie and he is looking for an innocent actress to play the part of the female lead. Unable to choose one of the Hollywood A-list actresses, he decides to call in Katy Hart. He has never watched her act and has never talked to her. The only time he has ever seen her is when he was in Bloomington to find his birth parents. He stumbled into a Children's Theater performance and saw her directing. Dayne gets ahold of Katy and she agrees to come in to audition for the part. She decides it is time to put her past fears behind her. While Katy is in Hollywood she is spending time with Dayne one evening and his crazy stalker attacks the two of them. Katy is almost killed and she is reconsidering taking the part. While Katy is in Hollywood, the Baxter family is trying to return to a normal lifestyle after losing their mother, Elizabeth. One day Ashley is looking through her mother's old letters and begins reading one. Her father enters the room and takes the letter from her. It was discussing their first born child, the one their other children never knew about. He takes the letter and hides it so none of his children would ever find it. Back in Hollywood Katy makes her decision. Will she take the part, or will fear consume her and send her running back to Bloomington? Read Fame to find out.

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I enjoyed reading Fame because...

I enjoyed reading Fame because it was interesting from the front cover to the back cover. Because the book is about three different people's lives there was never a dull moment. Karen Kingsbury did a fantastic job of bringing the three characters' stories together to make the story line flow well yet remain interesting to the reader.

I believe that Fame was very well written.

Karen Kingsbury did a fantastic job of creating three completely different main characters and meshing their stories together. Ashley is a newly married mother and an artist. Katy is a young christian children's theater director, and Dayne Matthews is a famous Hollywood star. Creating a storyline that flows well using these characters would have been a challenge. However, Kingsbury did this successfully because I was never confused while I was reading. The characters fit together so well making it easy to remember little details about each character.

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The Firstborn Series

Fame is the first book in the Firstborn Series. This series is mostly about the life of Dayne Matthews, John and Elizabeth Baxter's firstborn child. The couple gave the child up for adoption when he was born because John and Elizabeth weren't married yet. Dayne was adopted by a missionary couple and grew up attending a christian boarding school. He later attended UCLA and became involved in the theater department. After college graduation he began acting in Hollywood and became a big star.

My Recommendation

I recommend reading this book because it is a great read. Reading about Dayne's crazy Hollywood life is very interesting because it is the complete opposite of my life. Add a psychopathic stalker, who also happens to be a murderer, into the mix and you've got an intriguing story. The book is also not extremely long so it doesn't take a large chunk of time to read it.

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