Vietnamese Immigrants to Minnesota

By Alex sandstrom

Push / Pull factors

One thing that pushes Vietnamese people away from Minnesota is the food and culture. They usually eat rice and ocean water fish, which isn't as common here. And speaking of fish, that is a really common thing that Vietnamese people do, deep sea fish. One more thing, it may be hard for some to learn English. A pull factor of Minnesota is that it has a low crime rate , and it's a nice, safe place to raise a family. Many Vietnamese people started migrating here to get far away from the Vietnam war, so they might even have older family members here. Not to mention there is many job opportunities.

Ravenstein's Laws of Migration

Most international migrants are young. This law fits well, because usually Vietnamese families contain a handful of kids.

Most migration is from rural to urban. This law doesn't really fit. Vietnam is way more urban than any of Minnesota.

Top locations

Top jobs for Vietnamese immigrants : fishing, animal trapping, and crafting home decor & costumes.


Vietnamese people have to adjust their diets, and can't catch the freshwater fish that they usually do. They might also have a hard time learning English.