Young And Living

Juwan McBee


I believe i am pretty cool guy if you get to know me. While I'm at school I'm that guy that everyone know. I know when it is time to get serious and when its time to talk and be funny with my friends. While I'm at football practice I'm usually know as "McTrip" but i believe i gain a new name "McBeast". while I'm there i believe i can really be myself because that my family who would always protect me and i would always protect them. While I'm at home i consider myself to be a loner I'm always cleaning and working. I'm the only child so i see why i would have to do all that stuff because my parents are always working my dad told me that when I'm older i would need to do all of those things learn to be responsible. At home my act is way different than school. Whenever i have a chance to be lazy that's like the best moments in the world.

Viola is one of the beautiful ladies in the play who play's a great part to me. Viola is playing a guy in the play name Cesario. Viola thinks of herself as determined just for her to work she needs to change her gender. At Orsino Court he doesn't allow for women to work for him. "I will believe thou hast a mind that suits

With this thy fair and outward character.

I prithee—and I’ll pay thee bounteously—

Conceal me what I am, and be my aid

For such disguise as haply shall become

The form of my intent. I’ll serve this duke"(I.ii.47-53).pg3 In this quote it is showing how Viola is willing to disguise her gender just to work for Orsinos.


Being a male in society is a lot of work because males and females expect you to stand on your on. Doing all the hard labor that people think females can't do, which i think is a disrespect to females. Being a male in society people portray that Its your job to work all day and come home and expect food to be done. I live with my dad and mom and they share paying the bills , cooking and cleaning so that is wrong to me.

Viola experiences two different gender in the play she plays Cesario who is a guy. Viola is forced to act like a guy during the play if she wants to work at Orsino Court that is the sacrifice. The benefits of Viola playing Cesario is only the money she is making so she can have a life. The limitation of her playing Cesario is she can't explore her love life because that is a chance of her losing her job.


I think society sees me as a respectful good person and also someone who is gullible. I believe i can be gullible at times.I just like to find the good in people even if they have been in rough situation. I am a really respectful person because i was taught that way and that is how you gain someone's respect. Respect is not given its earned I think it is good to find some goodness in people. I wish people would just know that is why I'm gullible. I don't try to be its just how i was born.

Other character view Viola in the play as a great person and beautiful person. Which is why Olivia wants her so bad but not knowing thats she is a man. Other characters see her as a stealer because Sir Andrew is in love with Olivia he try's everything in his power just her for her to like him. Viola is in the way so he want's to fight her not knowing she is a guy. "Will either of you bear me a challenge to him"(III.ii.36).page2

Similarities and Differences

Similarities I have with Viola is we both have to act like a whole complete different person almost everyday.

Difference between us is that I don't i have to disguise my gender just to work. Also Viola like's a guy in the play and she can't tell him because she will most likely get fired from her job. For me though I can like a girl and tell her how I feel. The only thing that would happen is she can reject my love or accept it.