Charles V

the great Holy Roman Emperor

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Charles's background

His mother developed a mental illness, which made him the king of the castle under regency, which lasted until 1516. In that same year his grandfather died and left Charles the kingdom. The emperor Maximilian I (his grandfather) brought him the Habsburg possessions in Austria and southwest Germany and made him a prim candidate for Holy Roman emperor. More information

Charles achievements

Well by the age of 20, Charles was the ruler of the vast empire. Charles was the Hapsburg king of Spain and the Holy Roman Emperor, he ruled the largest empire of all Europe. He became Holy Roman, succeeding his grandfather Maximilian I after his grandfathers death. And by the age of 15, he assumed the rule over the Netherland. More information

His impact on the world today.

He was one of the most extraordinary monarchs Europe has ever seen; for a time he had the air of being the greatest monarch since Charlemagne, which changed the way we learn about the Catholic religion. His greatness was not of his own making, it was a largely the creation or making of his grandfather Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519). More information.

Interesting facts

One of Charles quotes is "I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse." He struggled to hold his empire together against the growing fores of Protestantism, increasing Turkish and French, and even the hostility of the Pope. more information and more information