This Week at École OLPH

October 3 to 7

Prayer of the Week

In lieu of a weekly prayer, we would like to share with you a quick video that reflects our Division religious theme beautifully.


Happening This Week!

  • Monday Ordinary day
  • Tuesday Linking Generations Application Forms must be handed in at the office by 12:00 PM today. Mr. Morin and Mme Lafrance at Admin Meeting
  • Wednesday Early dismissal day
  • Thursday Student Council Meeting at lunchtime, Hot Lunch
  • Friday No School Professional Development Day; Mme Lafrance and Mme Tremblay attending Non-Violent Crisis Intervention.
  • Monday October 10 No School Happy Thanksgiving!

Safe use of Technology

If you are concerned about your child accessing inappropriate information with their phones or devices, these websites are for you.

Did you know?

Learning subjects in French does not interfere with English language development. In fact, it improves it.

Research shows that learning a second language has a positive effect on first language achievement. Immersion students match and often exceed the English skills of other students by grade 4 or 5, even though they usually start reading and writing in French first.

English language skills are also strengthened and maintained because students spend the vast majority of time communicating in English with family and friends.

Friendly Reminders

  • Please give your grade 7 or 8 child a dated written permission if you choose to allow them to go to 7 Eleven during lunch recess or to walk home after their option class at Holy Spirit School. Merci!

  • October is already here and the days are getting colder! Please ensure that your children are dressed appropriately for the weather. Merci!

OLPH teachers and staff participate in Professional Development

Here is how our teachers and staff have improved their knowledge while they were away this month:

  • Mme Lafrance and M.St Jean have attended the VTRA-1 workshop on Violence Threat Risk Assessment
  • M Morin and Mme. Taylor have attended a workshop on Learning Commons and Maker Space
  • Mme Tremblay attended a workshop titled ''Making Math Contextual, Visual and Concrete''
  • Mme Dufour has attended a workshop Formative Assessment in Mathematics through ERLC
  • M St.Jean has attended a Technology workshop on Google in Ponoka
  • Mme Slupek and Mme Miller have attended a workshop on Inclusive Mathematics at EICS
  • Mme Streadwick has attended a meeting on Assessment at EICS
  • Mme Linda Miller travelled to Nashville in August to prepare the ABJ Band Tour

Terry Fox Run

We are proud to say that we have now raised $1707 for the Terry Fox Foundation!

Congratulations to all our students you will be awarded the promised rewards!

Sorry Mr.St Jean, but we will really enjoy taping you to a wall!!! We will keep you informed as to when the rewards will take place.