Rebels WITH a Cause -Jim

Rebels without a cause who actually do have a cause

Jim is Loyal

  • He still called Plato his friend even after realizing that he is a bit odd.
  • He protected Judy and made sure she was safe during the mansion/gun scenes when he could have just been worried about protecting himself.
  • He understood that Pluto was damaged, and still tried to protect him while doing the right thing in the end

Jim is Angry

  • He is quick to anger in many scenes, especially with his parents
  • He yells a lot and acts out when upset
  • He does things he regrets when angry; like fighting with his parents.

Jim is Prideful

  • He is embarrassed when his dad acts weak and doesn't stand up for himself.
  • He cares way to much about what others think of him, especially when they call him "chicken"
  • Even though he doesn't like the "Cool" kids he still wants them to like him.

Jim's Cause

  • Jim sees how unhappy his father is being walked over all the time by his mom and doesn't want to be like him. He becomes defensive when people call him a chicken because he is afraid to end up like his father. He acts out in ways to seem brave and defend his honor. This can be good because he knows how to stand up for himself, but it is also bad because it clouds his judgement under certion decisions and gets him in risky situations.

Jim learned

Jim learned the hard way that his obsession with his image and bravery can lead to bad situations. Because he didn't want the other boys to think of him as a chicken, he agreed to do a dangerous driving game which resulted in death to the other boi. If he had just not let his pride get to him, the boi would have been safe. At the end, I think he also learned a little more respect for his father and his kind gentle ways.


The Mansion symbolizes the perfect nuclear family. As Jim and his friends play make believe family there, it shows how much they secretly want a normal, healthy family. Their own families are broken and it has caused them pain. The abandoned mansion shows a place where there was hope to start a new family and be happy, but the dream never became reality as it was left to gather dust.