Soaring Over MDE


As I was driving into work this morning, I had a flash back to 9/11/2001. I remember where I was at the moment I heard the news. I was just out of college and working at an internship in Reno, Nevada. I immediately called my parents who were still sleeping. I told them the horrendous news. I remember feeling unsafe and feeling uneasy of what the future may hold. I also remember during this time, feeling so proud of the first responders and of strangers reaching out to help their neighbor. I know when I finally made it home (in October) hugs were a little tighter and lasted a little longer. Saying, "I love you," at the end of every conversation became routine and not forced. The world has 'recovered' from 9/11/01. However, anyone over the age of three, Will Never Forget.

While being in a pandemic is not the same as a terrorist attack. I know that our students are possibly feeling unsafe or unsure of what their future holds. They are not able to communicate with their friends, and family as they remember just in February. Masks have become the newest accessory, and most of us cannot wait to take it off! As a parent I do try to remind myself that we plucked our children out of their "norm" 179 days ago. As an educational site leader I have to remind myself that we also "plucked" our teachers out of their "norm" 179 days ago. I would have to say, things are definitely getting better. However, virtual school/learning online is not what any of us signed up for! I cannot wait for the day we get to have students walking in the halls and learning in the classrooms. Until that day, please remember that we are all in this together.

iReady Assessments

Please know that in the coming days, teachers in 1st-5th grade will be administering iReady diagnostics (some may have already completed this) in both reading and math. (TK & Kinder, your teachers will be doing a different diagnostic.) This data will be used to measure the loss/gain that has occurred. Because this has been a consistent measure over the past few years, the district and site will use this to monitor our students.

That all being said, I know it will be hard to see your student taking a diagnostic without wanting to help them. Please know this is giving our teachers a baseline of where students are at now. By "helping" students or giving them the answers, this will actually "hurt" them. The data will be skewed and the possibility of gaps in foundational learning could occur. It is alright for your child to get a wrong answer. Our teachers are amazing and will get your student where they need to get to, as long as they are the ones taking the diagnostics.

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