Cyber Bullying is for Losers!!!

if you cyber bully, then you're a cyber LOSER.

What do I do if I'm cyber bullied

If you are cyber bullied, first thing to do is to block the person bullying you. Next, you want to tell a trusted adult or go to the authorities and let them handle it. Once you tell them, its out of your hands. if the cyber bully persists, remember to never fight back and or contact them in any way. If you follow these instructions, you should be safe.

What is a Cyber Bully?

If you have of the following interests...

  • you are too scared to bully people in person
  • you have sadistic thoughts about the internet
  • you like to shove your sadistic thoughts in other peoples face through a screen
  • you look at cyber bullies and think "hey, thats pretty cool"
  • you like to cyber bully other people
...then you're probably a cyber bully.

Helpers you can ask

Guaranteed to make you sad


Should I cyber bully someone?

Is cyber bullying fun?

Is it legal to cyber bully?

I look when i cyber bully, right?

The answer to all of these, of course, is NO.