Final exam parts 1 & 2

Due today

INTERNET PRIVACY 1 - Discuss at least 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of sharing online.

2 advantages are that you can make friends and you could talk to you new friends without anyone telling that you can´t. 2 disadvantages are that they could really be an older person lying about their age and they could find you if you post your personal things.

2 - List 3 pieces of personal information that should be kept private online.

  1. Your actual age

  2. Your home address

  3. Your real name

3 - Explain the effect that a negative online post or message might have on someone’s reputation.

It could go down hill for that person because bad things happen when posting a negative message or online post.

1 - What is cyberbullying? Give an example.

A cyberbully is someone who makes fun of a kid because they are different than everyone else.

2 - How does cyberbullying typically escalate?

The bully will make the person that they are making fun of feel really terrible about their life and make them commit suicide.

3 - What can the victim do? What can you do to de-escalate a potential cyberbullying situation?

The victim can tell their friends or tell a teacher. Make the bully stop or stand up and fight back.

1 - A magazine manipulates a photo of a celebrity for a magazine cover, making her stomach look much thinner than it is in real life. The headline on the cover reads, “Secrets to Staying Slim after having a Baby.” Do you think it is inappropriate or unethical to digitally manipulate photos? Explain your answer.

Unethical because nobody is perfect in life.

2 - What effect does the media have on gender stereotypes (such as boys being told to “man up” or girls told to “act like a lady”)?

It has a negative effect on gender stereotypes.

1 - Sometimes, TV and video games don’t tell the whole story. Violent events occur, and then everyone seems to recover very quickly and live “happily ever after.” What effect does this have on children?

It starts with a negative effect when there is violence and a positive effect at the end when it says happily ever after.

2 - Do you agree or disagree with this statement: Violent video games and movies teach kids to kill. Explain your answer.

I agree with the statement, because the more violent video games a kid plays the more likely they will do very bad things.

2 - Do you think teens feel pressured to present themselves in a certain way online? Why or why not? Is this pressure different for boys than it is for girls?

No because they just do it to begin with.

1.) Explain how can you respect the privacy of others online.

Don’t harass them or make fun of them.

2.) What kinds of things might be good for your reputation in the future if they are posted online now? What kinds of things might be harmful?

Positive messages, postings, and photos. Horrible images, posts, and messages.

3.) Thinking of the impact photos posted online can make on your reputation, what do you think the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" means?

A picture can mean everything to a person.

4.) Think of a time you have posted something online about your friends. How do you decide what is okay to comment? What are some possible consequences for tagging someone in a potentially negative picture?

Don’t be mean to your friends. They are probably lying about their age.

5.) Consider the situation we experienced Tuesday and the boy that was taken into custody, in handcuffs, for a short time. His picture was taken and posted immediately on social media and he was assumed to be the person responsible. How do you think this will or could affect him? If we didn't have instant access to phones, cameras, Internet, and social media, how far would his name have been spread? How far could it spread now?

He could go to jail for a long time. Not that far. Really far like.around the world.

6.) Each person interprets media messages differently. Discuss the role media plays in your life now and during your childhood. How much of an influence is it in your life now? Consider social media, television and magazines, etc.

It is a huge influence on my life ever since they made tv’s and game systems.