Techie Tuesday

Volume 2 Issue 4

Mid year reflection

How many times have we heard that real learning takes place in the reflection? We know it to be true but how much time do we allow ourselves to reflect? Do you really give yourself the time? If you have this down, come talk to me, I could use a few tips.

I would like you to take some time today and think about your year. We are at the mid year point and I would like to hear from you regarding how you feel your year is going and what I can do to help in the second half of the year. I have also included a question regarding the TIES participant presentation from 1/12/16. Please take a minute and let us know what you would like to know more about.

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TIES Conference update

At the beginning of December a group of Loyola teachers were able to participate in the 2015 TIES Conference in Minneapolis. There were over 3000 educators gathered for the two day conference and it was bursting with moments of "why am I not doing that?!?!?!" There were so many knowledgable presenters and participants to learn from. We started a slide show to keep our group notes on and it is well over 50 pages!!!

Don't forget to complete the survey so we can find out what you would like to know more about! Here is a link to the presentation so you can check out some of the links embedded there.

Who wants to try this with me?

One of my favorite educators to follow is Matt Miller and he keeps sending me emails about tools to try out! Here are a few of the latest and I have included a few others that I think some of you would find helpful in your classroom!

Google Tone/Chirp – URLs can be distributed by sound using Google Tone! This is an extension to the Google Chrome web browser. It broadcasts URLs by emitting a sound that other Chrome web browsers can understand. They translate that tone to a URL and direct users to that site. This is great for sending a whole class of students to one site quickly. If you’re using iPads, the Chirp app does the same thing.

Padlet – I like to think of this as a digital bulletin board. Teachers can use it to post information, students can respond to questions on it. Anyone who accesses the Padlet wall can add virtual sticky notes to it with text, images or URLs (unless you change the privacy settings).

White board app (Educreations, ScreenChomp, padlet etc) and Air Server. White board apps allow students to write and record on their iPads. Students could start with a blank whiteboard or the teacher could load an image that students need to label. I would love to brainstorm more ideas! By combining a whiteboard app with Air Server, students can then share their iPad with the class.

A few of my favorite quotes and tweets. . .

This one is from founder of Khan Academy, Sal Kahn. “We view the virtual as something that can empower the physical — that if students can get lectures at their own time and pace, they can get exercises, they can have a programming platform, that doesn't mean that the classroom gets replaced; it means the classroom gets liberated.” A liberated classroom! What does that mean to you?

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Upcoming Trainings

Apple Learning Tour - 1/23, Apple Store, Mall of America

EdTechTeam MN Summit - 1/30-1/31, Fridley High School

NWEA Training with Ann - All meetings will begin at 3:15

Thursday, February 11th - Upper Campus

Thursday, March 10th - Lower Campus

Thursday, April 21st - Upper Campus

TIES We are a subscriber school so most of the TIES trainings are no cost to you. They offer classes at a variety of times and formats! Click here to see a list of TIES offerings. There are courses for beginners and for those that are looking to be challenged with a new topic.

Check the TIES website for these big events coming up:

Technical Leadership Conference 2/11-2/12

Bootstrap 2/23-2/25

App Smash for All - 4/23

Google Institute - 6/15-6/16

iPadpaloozaMN - 8/4

South Central Service Coop

MN eLearning Summit 7/27-7/28, Minneapolis Community and Technical College

Click here for additional information

RCS Summer Institute 8/8-8/9, Rochester MN

Options for Classes: Teaching from a Catholic Worldview, iPads in the Classroom, iMovie for the Elementary Students, Incorporating Active Learning, Project Based Learning, Formative Assessment Techniques, ACE Assessment Design and Philosophy, Google Apps for Everyone.

Have you heard of another training that others should know about? Please let me know and I will include it here!

Where can I find Chrissy?

  • My detailed weekly schedule will be posted on the Technology Integration website
  • Loyola High School teaching Economics 6th hour (1st Semester).
  • Lower Campus Tuesday and Thursday mornings (1st Semester).
  • I am available via email and, with notice, can change my schedule as your needs arise. I am willing to keep my prep for Econ flexible to assist with your requests.

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