Revolutionary Fashion

American vs British

Uniforms (British)

The British wore a red coat (hence the nickname red coats) and a white under shirt, also white pants and a white sash. These were the uniforms that were used specifically for the British soldiers.

Uniforms (Americans)

The Americans wore more of a stylish uniform, including: a red and blue jacket with two white sashes in an x shape, and all white clothing underneath.
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American vs British General War attire

Women of the revolutionary war

The women's fashion

Women mainly wore large corsets, and big dresses. They looked very lady like, with large wigs and a lot of makeup. Women's dresses were very extravagant

Why were the uniforms made in this fashion?

According to the dressing styles of 18th century clothing, the uniforms were made according to these styles. The coats and shirts and even their shoes and hats were all the same, and following the proper dressing code of the 18tg century. Without such clothing, a man would be considered naked.

What was the style in the 18th century?

The styles mainly included these components: (without some of these, a man would be considered naked)



Kneck coverings,

Knee breeches,



Coats and jackets,

Great coats and surrots,

Stockings and socks,

And shoes.