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Mafia is the name that dictates about the organization that attempt criminal activities. These illegal activities make it distinct from the lawful organizations and they mainly engaged in robbery, killing, extortion, theft and so on. There are multiple resources which may give you chance to be aware of the mafia and its criminal stories. The mafia books serve the great part for the book lovers and the people who have interest in underworld, mob or gangsters. You can go for the new mafia books or can know the detailed story of American mafia who had endeavored several criminal incidents.

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Reading books is one of the interesting hobbies and it is not ideal for entertainment only but even good to boost knowledge. The mafia books must give you chance to know the true story of American mafia which is about the powerful mafia bosses, five mafia families, Castellammarse war and so on. You will even enjoy the story of mafia bosses how they live and perform the illegal activities. You will even know about the bosses who were willing to take control over the Mafia and how they struggled for this.

Philadelphia Mafia remains at least by traditional mob standards to be a dysfunctional family as various factions try and coexist on the streets. There were number of mafia bosses who taken the command of Philadelphia mafia and worked for Mafia in the way they actually wanted. The mafia was responsible for each and every criminal activity hold in 20th century. The most famous leaders of mafia were: Paul Palmeri, Frank Costello, Willie Moretti, Joe Adonis, Albert Anatasia, Casandra Bonosera, Joe Dicarlo, Carlo Gambino and many more. If you really want to keep in touch with the true mafia story of 20th century then A Wiser Guy is the new mafia book will definitely suit you.

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The mafia book describes the detail of American mafia and must give you chance to read about the history in detail. Reading mafia books is such an interesting thing and it must give you the overview how mobsters live their life. The mobsters of mafia leaders were responsible for the development of mafia organization. The crimes of 20th century were popular all around the world and the mobsters were popular for criminal activities. There are number of elements you would like to know about the American mafia and mafia books can give you the good opportunity. There are number of interesting elements to know about American mafia which will definitely give you the new experience.

The famous mafia figures are still popular among the mafia lovers and the criminal life experience was really amazing. The most famous Philadelphia mafia leaders of 20th century were: Joe Dicarlo, Joe Adonis, Frank Costello, Paul Palmeri, Willie Moretti, Albert Anastasia, Stefano Magaddino, Peter Magaddino, AL Capone, Vito Genovese, Lucky Luciano, Carlo Gambino, and many more. Joe Dicarlo was also known as Joseph Dicarlo and he was born on November 8, 1899 in Vallelunga, Sicily and died on October 1980. He was the son of the Buffalo region’s Sicilian boss, Giuseppe DiCarlo. He was rejected as the heir to his father’s criminal empire following his father’s death.

If you are looking for the best source to read about history of the mafia then you can prefer newly released best mafia books – A Wiser Guy. The book serves such a great role for those who want to read about the mafia in New York. This book comprises the true story because the book is written by the family member of one of the crime family. Louis P Divita is the grandson of Paul Palmeri who is describing the story of A Wiser Guy. The book will give you chance to read about the famous mafia figures and their biography as well.