Milspec paracord Australia


Milspec paracord Australia

Milspec paracord Australia

Nowadays a trend has been set in the youth that is tying the bracelet. It impact in such a way that youth made the bracelet as fashion. Milspec550 made bracelet with love and care in each line of threads. We milspec550 located in south eastern suburban of Melbourne. We milspec550 have access to more than 120 colors.

About us

Milspec550 is owned by mark has 35 yrs. Experience serving in Australia army. Our products and design likes of military members, survivalists, campers, four wheel drive enthusiasts simply for the fashion conscious. We established milspec550 in March 2015 and our marketing is situated in New Zealand and Australia. We supplies handmade paracord throughout Australia that is by using USA military manufactured paracord.

We have a large range of 550 colors of paracord and 425 tactical cords along with addition 120 colors available.

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