The Holocaust

Prisoners Life During the Holocaust

The Jews were sent to concentration camps under terrible conditions. They were barely fed, and when they were, they were only fed soup and bread. The Holocaust changed whoever the victims were into a entirely new person because they had nothing to keep them motivated to live and so there only emotions and thoughts were to eat. If you survived the first few selections, you were rewarded with nothing but more work.

Family, Religon, and Survival

Families were easily torn apart during the Holocaust. If you saw a relative be chosen in the selection, and you knew they were going to be burned alive, it would tear you apart. The reason you were either getting killed or sent to the concentration camps was because of your religion. Hitler did not care if you were in pain or not, he only cared if you believed the same things as him. The survival aspect of the Holocaust was the hardest thing to endure. They make you work the hardest you have worked in your life and fed them the minimum amount of food.

Revealing About Myself

I noticed about myself as a human being that this in inhumane and not normal. I also found out that I am easily moved by inspirational stories like "Night". The importance of this novel to me was significant because when you are having a bad day, just think that there are millions of other people that lived like this and worse for years and years.