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Pittsford Schools Mental and Behavioral Health: RESILIENCY

Hello community members big and small!

Resilience is the ability to thrive, adapt and cope despite tough and stressful times. It is overcoming adversity, having a sense of optimism and hope, problem-solving and accessing coping skills in times of challenge. Developing these competencies contributes to students' well-being in adulthood and we're getting plenty of practice with all that each day we are not together!

The presence of caring adults and stable environments are necessary components for a child’s healthy development and for building resilience and protection. Specifically, safe, stable and nurturing relationships between children and their parents or caregivers can act as a buffer against the effects the stresses experienced during this coronavirus pandemic. Navigating the ups and downs during this time might feel like a lonely place, but please lean on each other at home and reach out to supports within the school community and beyond.

Although there are many enriching resources and supports contained within this newsletter, please take some time to view the FOR CAREGIVERS: Fostering Family Resiliency during COVID-19, which is a ~10 minute presentation from Dr. Melissa Heatly from UR Medicine. Also, towards the bottom of the newsletter check out a couple of free webinars for parents coming up this week.

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Be well,

Patricia Vaughan-Brogan, Ed.D.

Director of Student Services

Greta B. Johnston, MS, CAS

Student Services Specialist





Resiliency for Elementary School

Resiliency for Middle School

Resiliency for High School




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