Charity: Water

We provide safe drinking water to developing countries.

Donations Matter

Every dollar counts to our organization! Countries such as Rwanda and Uganda don't have access to drinking water so each donation goes towards our projects. We build wells in these coutries providing them with safe and clean drinking water. All types of donations are accepted.

Ways We Get the Word Around

Public Speakers

Charity: Water has a variety of public speakers who go to public events and conventions throughout the country. There we have a booth that gives away flyers, bracelets, DVDs and event books describing what we do, why, and how the people can help. We also have an inspiring speech describing real-life events and how Charity: Water helped. Recent donators can also request a speaker to come to their own events and fundraisers.

Pledging Your Birthday

We have a program where donators can pledge their birthday. In this program, donators choose to have their friends and families donate to Charity: Water instead of getting gifts for them. This is a great program to inspire others to donate to a good cause even if its a dollar donated.