By: Tyler Houger


Asta's son also known as Crispin has been charged with the following crimes and must be killed immediately: stealing wine from the church after mass, stealing money from the manor house, and staying up after curfew. By the word of Lord Furnival he is now a wolf's head.

More Information

More information

If you kill Crispin you will be rewarded with 20 shillings. He will be taken dead or alive, but he would be better dead. When you manage to kill Crispin, please return him to thy manor house. He is still in Stromford as far as we know. Just remember he MUST die. When he is killed not only will you be rewarded with 20 shillings you will be respected by everyone, everyone will include you in their prayers, and you will have the pride of killing a wolf's head in you so you will go to heaven.