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April 24 , 2015

Upcoming Events

April 28 - Trustworthy Pillar of Character Assembly - 8 AM

April 29 - Eco del Sur Assembly - 1:30 (LTEF Grant)

Slackwood Night at Rita's (Take a flyer and % of all purchases go to Slackwood)

April 30 - Grade 3 Trip to Churchville Nature Ctr.

May 1 - Grade K trip to Howell Farm

MAY 1 - Principal's Pajama Party and Family Literacy Night - Don't Miss it! 6:30 PM

Come Join us for Family Literacy Night and the Principal Pajama Party on Friday, May 1

Come join our amazing staff as we talk about summer reading. Mrs. Wallauer, Mrs. Kapp are going to share their idea, strategies and some really great ways to keep your children involved and reading this summer.

Students will be entertained by staff doing fun reading activities with them in the all purpose room. Feel free to bring them in their PJs.

Come join us at 6:30 PM.

Author Andy Griffiths Visits Slackwood

Australian author, Andy Griffiths visited Slackwood School on Wednesday, April 22. Mr. Griffiths, who has authored over 35 children's books came and joined our school celebration of his Treehouse Series of books. He arrived a little early and visited a few classroom before doing a whole school assembly where he spoke about the funny things that he writes about and his writing and illustrating process. Mr. Griffiths is on a US tour of his books with Barnes and Noble. Slackwood thanks Mrs. Jerez for organizing his visit.

I Have This Report Card. So Now What?

Many of you met with your child's teacher this week and you had the opportunity to discuss your child's progress in class. Each of you should have received a report card. Lawrence Township Public Schools uses standards based report cards in grades K-5. This means students don't receive a letter grade but receive a symbol of progress towards a standard. Looking at these report cards can be daunting. Beside the comments, which may be most important, you will see either a N (needs improvement), P (progressing), and C (consistent). The describe where your child is with each skill. Please remember that as the year goes on, the expectations for your child's performance are raised. A child may be (C) as they are working on addition but when they begin to work on subtraction they may be (P) because this is a skill that they need additional work on.

When you talk to your child about their report card and the conference, always discuss the positive aspects of what they are doing. Find out what challenges them, and be supportive. One final thing, if you every have any questions, please reach out to your child's teacher. They will be more than willing to help.

Why I Don't Take Requests For Teachers For The Next Year

Each year, I send home a notice explaining that requests for specific teachers will not be honored. I do this for a number of reasons but mostly, because often times, these requests are based on one person's opinion or some discussion that was had with a parent in the aisle in Acme.

I believe that all of our teachers are great and although each is different in their manner and their techniques, they consistently show through their performance and student data that good things are happening in their classrooms. We assess your children (in fact we may over assess them) so we know their academic strengths and weaknesses. Our teachers also know your children's social and emotional needs. When making placement, we look at everything. We try to make our classes mirror the diversity of our school.

Of course, we always welcome any information about your child that we may not know. And... if there is a real issue with another student, we will try to insure there are separations. Thank you for working with us and thank you for trusting us with your children.

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