The Desert Biome

by Ava Connaughton

What is it like there?


In the desert there are 2 seasons which are wet and dry. A lot of deserts are really hot. They can go up to 120 degrees. Wow that is hot! When it does rain it rains for 2 days and then a day of really dryness! The desert gets 10 inches of rain a year! Also it evaporates very quickly. The wind in the desert makes the sand turn into a sand storm. This is the climate in the desert!


The landscape in the desert is very dry and sandy. The terrain is flat, rocky, hilly, mountainous and has sand dunes. There are different kinds of vegetation such as cactuses. This is the landscape in the dessert.

Where are they located?

Where in the world?

Here are some places where the biome of the desert are! There is a desert in north africa that is named the Sahara Desert the Sahara Desert is the largest desert there are 2 deserts in africa! There is also an desert in australia and north america and even in the center of asia theres an actually cold desert in china! This is where deserts are in the world!


How do plants survive?

The species of plants that you'll find at the desert biome is cactus, cactuses have very small leaves. Cactuses have very small leaves so the lose very water. Thorns protect leaves from hungry animals such as gazelles. Roots spread from each other and collect water in a very big area. Each plant has a root named taproot (main root) which reaches down to get moisture deep in the soil. Many plants depend on rain to grow leaves. They also have shallow roots so they soak up every little bit of rain that falls. This is how plants stay alive.

Animal Life

How do animals survive?

Animals survive by storing water because the desert doesn't get much water another reason is some animals are camouflage and when you are camouflage you can go in the sand and no one will know that you are there. Also animals stay out of the sun so when its dark they go out and get food there nocturnal so at night there more active so they can get away from there pray because they have a lot of energy. These are some of the reasons that animals stay alive.

Food Chains