LRMS: Week at a Glance

February 15 - 19, 2016

Sayings from Skinner

Dear Fabulous Raiders -- How much I appreciate your great smiles and wonderful attitudes yesterday during our faculty meeting and throughout the day -- I hope you felt the LOVE as I did! Please know how much I LOVE seeing the LOVE you share each and every day! I so value the LOVE you show our students when you support them through learning challenges and difficult personal situations; I so value the LOVE you show our students when you push them to their potential and to achieve things beyond their wildest drams; and I SO value the LOVE you show our students when you show them the TOUGH LOVE that refuses to let them fall short, give up, or lose hope and faith. This is such a LOVING school community -- and it is the HEART of what makes our lighthouse burn so brightly! I wish for you each a wonderful week -- and in spite of cold temperatures, I hope you feel the warmth of a LOVING work environment, filled with amazing and supportive colleagues. Great work only comes from great LOVE -- thank you for sharing the LOVE that is within each of you to do the great work with our students, parents, and community!

PLEASE NOTE: Per many requests and some suggestions, I am trying a new format with the Week at a Glance . . . "Sayings from Skinner" will be the only "narrative" type info within the newsletter; "New You Can Use" will contain a bulleted list of just-in-time FYIs and Expectations -- the first of which is to read it and "live" by it (if you have questions, ask Sarah or an administrator); the Upcoming dates section will now have only a link to the School Calendar --- all employees are expected to refer there for dates/meetings/etc. -- and if you are having something or want it communicated, it needs to be sent to Amanda in a timely manner to make sure it is on the Staff School Calendar -- Let Sarah or your GL admin. know if you do/do not like this new format!

READING EMAILS is REQUIRED, particularly if we try to rely more on email and less on meetings --- "I didn't know is NOT an excuse!" -- Fulfill this professional duty, please!

News You Can Use

Read Here and Be "In the Know"

1) Congratulations, Kudos, and Good News:
  • To Andrea Murray & Cafeteria Staff: 100% on the latest Health Inspection
  • To Nathan Martin, Ronnie Crews, Scott Hartley, Brigette Brown, Shamira Pierson-Porter, Jordyn Lavoie, Holli Krieger, & Kelsi Carter: GREAT Athletic Banquet
  • Welcome to our new Stellar Sub: Ms. Nadine Lawrence

2) Title 1 Documents

  • Required for HR Teachers to sign these out from Lisa Wells
  • Distribute to ALL parents to get signatures
  • Complete paperwork in a timely manner & resubmit to Lisa
  • Questions? Ask Lisa

3) Black History Month Celebration Continues

  • Participate in Hall Decorating Contest
  • Participate in Black History Luncheon -- Friday, February 26 -- bring desserts to share

4) ELT

  • Only LA teachers enter Literacy Data
  • Only MA teachers (on team) enter Numeracy Data
  • At least two data points per student should be entered by Friday, Feb. 26
  • ALL teachers -- enact the Literacy Skills in classrooms; ALL ELT sections should be focused on math

5) STEAM Academy

  • Share info. with students and parents
  • Student Application on School Website/GL offices have a few hard copies
  • Student Applications due Friday, Feb. 26

6) Bell-to-bell instruction required

  • Instruction should be bell-to-bell in all classes.
  • No "free time" -- no "recreation" time -- students should EARN rewards with academic action, progress, and success. Questions? Ask.

7) Hallway Duty (AM, PM, and during Class Changes) -- 20/20 rule

  • Do NOT grade papers while on duty
  • Do NOT have your laptop
  • Keep eyes up & supervise student movement
  • Be in your assigned place at least one minute prior to students arriving (be in your doorway and/or escorting students during class changes)
  • If absent, leave details for your sub about your duty expectation -- and let Admin. know of your absence to ensure coverage for safety
  • Enforce 20/20 rule --- NO students in hallways without a pass
  • Improve monitoring on A/B transitions during Connections on Fridays

8) Early Release/ Follow-up on Progress Reports/Academic Contracts/Etc.

  • Document Early Release conferences in the spreadsheet on shared drive
  • Connections teachers SHOULD attend conferences (particularly of struggling students)
  • Make sure each 4.5-week progress report came back with a signature
  • Share Academic Contracts with parents & have them sign
  • Discuss interventions -- and possible outcomes (not passing Milestones, summer school, retention) during conferences for struggling students
  • Document ALL parent communication from this point on
  • YOU have an Early Release Conference for YOUR child? Work with you GL AP on this -- and sign in and out at front office

9) Questions about Upcoming Events? Ask the right person!!

  • Girls Academy Retreat -- February 27-28 -- -Counselors
  • Black History Luncheon -- Februray 26 -- Member of the Black History Committee
  • Paloozas -- February 26 -- Member of PBIS
  • Advisements --- Member of Advisement Team
  • Other questions -- ask your GL admin. or Sarah

Week at a Glance & Upcoming Events

From now on . . just look at the school calendar:

Make sure ANY school-wide event that you need to share info. on gets to Amanda Sparks in a TIMELY manner (at least one week prior) to make it onto the calendar!!!!)