Internet Safety

By Matt Mittman

Change Your Password Often!

People don't change their passwords enough! There are hackers who want your password! Don't let them! Change your password often!
Get in the habit of changing your passwords often

Cyber Bully

There are people on the internet who say what they aren't . Just ignore them! Don't tell them anything.
Don't cyber bully
Cyberbullying: there is a way out!

Have Your Parents Approve What You Post!

If you ever wonder if you should post something, ask your parents! They can help you. It is better to do that then posting something bad that you can never take back.
Internet Danger- Everyone Knows Sarah

Never Meet Up With Someone You Met Online

Do not meet up with someone who you met online. They could be dangerous. They might lie about their age. Don't do it!

Don't Type In All Caps!

Do not type in all caps! It looks like YOU ARE YELLING! It could offend some people even if you you don't mean to. So be careful.
Good Computer Kids - Typing in ALL CAPS

Don't Open Spam Mail!

Do not open any spam mail. It could lead to a bad virus to your computer. Do NOT!
How to Stop Junk Mail! | Clutter Video Tip

Keep Your Friends Safe

Never post any personal information about your friends on the internet. Remember, anyone can see what you post.

Don't Download Weird Files!

If you download wired files weird things could happen to your computer. Only do it if you are positive that it is safe.

Make Safe Purchases On The Internet!

Be careful on what you buy online. There can be bad things. Always look at information about the buyer before you buy stuff. If the person does not have good reviews or other weird things, don't buy from them.

Use Common Sense

Just use common sense. If you wouldn't want your grandma to see it, don't post it! Always remember that once you post something, you don't get it back.