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Lighthome Industries is a hard working, creative-thinking, talented company who sell products targeting a young but not too young age group- teenagers and preteens, probably ages 12-18! For the past few weeks, we have been creating an AMAZING, UNIQUE, NOT-SOLD-IN-STORES product, the Autolumin! Even students from our target age group had helped us plan it because, of course... It's better to be taught by the actual wanted audience instead of being directed by some people with no knowledge of how the product will benefit!

Being said that, let us now explore this to-crave-for device!

The Autolumin! The NEWEST #1 LIGHT CREATIVITY in the world! (article based on Camille's presentation)

The Autolumin by Mississauga's very own Lighthome industries had been rated #1 in Earth's most creative and ideal ideas after that awesome moment when Camille explained it to some awesome people! After those 15 minutes of explaining, the crowd had been won and everyone there was soo excited to get their very own Autolumin! In fact, here is her most powerful parts in her presentation:

"The Autolumin was in fact not found in stores... As in, nothing would be as fun as having multi-colour lights that can on your command turn on and off according to your movements- step out of the room and it flicks off itself, step into the room and it turns on again!"
said Camille, one of the main awesome crew members of the Lighthome Industries.

Then she continued to explain,

"If we were to compare the 2 objects it would look like this:


-uses a lot of energy______________________no batteries needed/no energy needed

-one colour _______________________________-multi-colour (like a disco ball)

-silent ____________________________________-can play music from mp3, phone, laptop,etc.

-stays in one spot (attached______________-portable/portable flashlight

to the wall________________________________

-often light stays on when ________________-motion detects when someone is in the room

its not needed and will either turn on/off_

-sometimes a bit dim _____________________-always bright and flashy

-can turn off because of __________________-always either on/off

power outs


Well, this explanation seems a bit too exaggerated for the normal light bulbs. It sorta sounds like normal semi-detach and townhouse house lights suck but, that's not really what I'm trying to say at all! I'm just trying to get all of you to see how EPIC and FUN and EXCITING the Autolumin appears to be!! Get it before your mouth starts to water!!"

The Grand Opening for the Autolumin

Monday, June 3rd 2013 at 11am

Somewhere, Nowhere Island

Watch out! It's coming soon to a school near you! Or is it??

Description? Well here goes:

The Autolumin is exactly the same size and shape as a normal light switch except, the Autolumin has more options and buttons!

Buttons and Options on the Autolumin:

-"power" button to turn on or off the motion detector found near the bottom left corner

-"colour" button to choose whether it will be the multi-colour lights or just bright, simple and easy light just beside the power button

-some different sort of slots to fit in some different devices (eg. usb, sd, wire, etc.) filling the sides of the device

-sliding switch; instead of a normal switch, you slide it up and down to turn on and off the lights (but you only need to use this if you want to do the manual mode!) taking up most of the center

-convenient, bright flashlight power button found at the side of the switch, (camera is located somewhere just above the switch)

Don't Worry!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 1-800-LIGHTHOME today!

Once you buy the device, there will be a pocket sized instruction book with a variety of frequently asked questions accompanied with accurate, precise answers!

12-18 really the best audience??

Well, yes.

In my opinion, there tends to be more awesome parties so then it can get all exciting but there is always that one point where everybody is bored... So at least, with your Autolumin, you can surprise them with the chic lights, the high quality music, how it's "portable", you know what I mean! You can't really get bored with that awesome piece of sunshine!

Also, at these ages, we tend to redecorate our rooms! Won't it be nice knowing that your room would go well with everything because of your hawt, shimmering lights?! They can match any colour!! Also, while you are redecorating, you can listen to your favourite songs! Amazing, eh??

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