Feeding America SMORE

Willow Leyva

Starvation In America

People don't see the problem all across the USA. One out of seven people in the United States struggles with hunger. Most of what we think today is that there is hunger in other countries, but what we don't see is the hunger in our own country. often i see the commercials about helping the kids in Africa, but what about the kids here. Not only do kids deal with starvation adults do as well. Now what comes to mind is the homeless, and while that's true, there are people with low income who struggle with making enough money to feed them selves. And while there are food stamps they don't last forever.
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How Do Food Banks Work?

You might be wondering how this works. Well this takes a lot of organization. Feeding America secures money from multiple places including food manufactures, organizations, and government agencies, just to name a few. They then take food and grocery products to participating food banks. The food banks then distribute the food to meal programs that help children, families, and seniors. This get's food needed across America in a very efficient way. This will help the hungry all across the United States.