The Best European Counties

(United Kingdom, France, Vatican City)

United Kingdom


Constitutional Monarchy

Prime Minister is David Cameron.


Current Government Event- British Prime Minister, David Cameron's latest proposals on immigration are being criticized as dangerous.

Historical Event- In 1215, King John signed the Magna Carta.

Historical Monument- Stone henge

Winston Churchill changed history by leading Great Britain through World War ll.



25% of the land is arable.

Wheat, potatoes, sugar beets are all produced in the United Kingdom.

The UK was deforested in the 1800's resulting in few animals.

GDP- $2.435 trillion

GDP per Capita- $38,514.46

Currency- Pound Sterling

Exchange rate to US dollars- 1 USD= 0.61 British Pound Sterling

United Kingdom has become the 8th largest economy in the world.

Famous Brands- Virgin Mobile, Skittles, Kit Kat, and Reebok.

Language- English

Religion- Christianity

Famous Landmarks- Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye

Cultural Foods- Fish and Chips, Steak, and British Cheese

Music / Literature- The UK is most famous for its literature, but also famous singers such as Adele.

The United Kingdom is an island right next to the mainland of Europe.

It is also very rainy and foggy because of the ocean currents from the Atlantic.

England is divided into hill regions of the north, west, and southwest and low plains of the east and southeast.

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Constitutional Monarchy

President- Francois Hollande

Prime Minister- Jean- Marc Ayrault


Is a member of European Union.

Current Government Event- President Hollande's private life has been very public lately and has caused frustration.

Historical Political Event- Between 1000 to 1950, France overthrew countries and built their empire.

Historical Monument- The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous monuments across the world.

Napoleon Bonaparte changed France history by leading France through many battles in the 19th century.

Population- 65,970,000

% of Arable Land- 34%

Type of Agriculture- sugar beets, milk, beef and wine

Human Environment Interactions- There are many nuclear plants in France that create electricity, but also release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.

GDP- $2.333 trillion

GDP per capita- $36,000

Currency- Euro

One Euro equals $1.36

Major Economic Activities- France's economy is currently 5th largest in the world, but is declining under the power of Hollande.

Famous Brands- L'OREAL and LVMH (Louis Vuitton)

French is the official language.

Catholicism is the most commonly practiced religion.

Famous Landmarks- Eiffel Tower and Mount Blanc

Cultural Foods- French Onion Soup, Wine, and Cheese are all from France.

Music/ Literature- Vincent Van Gogh is the most famous French artist ever to live.

France is located Northeast of Spain and is one of the largest countries in Europe.

Climate- France has a very different diverse climate ranging from temperate conditions in the northern area of France to freezing in the Alps.

Topography- The highest point in France is at 15,000 feet on Mount Blanc

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Vatican City



Leader- Pope Francis

Vatican City has an unorthodox type of government but is limited within reasons.

Not a member of the European Union.

Current Government Event- About a year ago, Pope Benedict XVI resigned and then gave the power to Pope Francis.

Historical Political Event- In 1929, they became an independent country.

Historical Monuments- St. Peter's Square and the Gardens of Vatican City

Pope Pius XI signed the Lateran Treaty with Italy to become an independent country.

Population- 830

0% of arable land

Vatican City does not grow any agriculture.

Human Environment Interaction- The Vatican City's 100 acres is mainly buildings with famous artwork, but there is a protected garden.

GDP- $20,000,000

GDP per capita- Approximately $20,000

Currency- The Euro

One Euro is equal to $1.36

Major Economic Activities- Vatican City has a roughly small economy, but they do contain a lot of very famous and expensive artwork.

Vatican City does not have any famous brands.

The official language is Italian.

Only religion practiced is Catholicism.

Famous Landmarks- St. Peter's Square and the Gardens of Vatican City

Cultural Foods- Vatican City is inside of Italy and mainly eats the same food as Italy.

Music/ Literature- Vatican City is most famous for its museums full of artwork.

Located inside Rome, Italy

Climate- Has perfect climate with the average around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Topography- Vatican City is at 77 meters at highest point.