Sunday Salute!



This Week

Monday, 3/9- Staff Meeting (see agenda below)

Weds, 3/11- PD: Report Cards

Thursday, 3/12- Instructional Rounds (@ Glenview Sequoia visiting), focus on BAL

Looking Ahead

Friday, 5/1- Science Fair

What's Due by Friday the 13th?

1. Report Cards (have Lisa or Yolanda print and put in my box).

2. Data Wall updated with new SRI/F&P data and sorted to reflect new data

3. All parent surveys to the office by 9am.

Teaching & Learning

Report Card Communication with Parents

Let your parents know via room parents and through your weekly communications that report cards will go home on Friday, 3/20. I need your help to get this message out as the district calendar says 3/13.

Two Visits this Week

1. Tuesday- Balanced Literacy Visit Observation & Feedback

Laresha Martin, our Network Superintendent will be here this week on Tuesday morning. She will be observing Reader's Workshop and then will meet with me the teachers we observe so we have an opportunity for feedback and discussion together. I will let you know if you are the "lucky" teachers.

2. Thursday- Instructional Rounds

Robin Lovell from the math department and our "sister" school Sequoia will be visiting us on Thursday morning for instructional rounds.

The focus of rounds this week is:

What evidence do we see of students effectively demonstrating the language, thinking and strategies of a literate individual?

Visitors will look for:

Whole Class

Shared/Close Reading, Interactive Read Aloud, or Mini lesson

Students are actively engaging (speaking, listening, written or oral responding) with a mentor text

Independent Reading

Students are:

  • Independently reading just-right text (a text that they can read and understand independently)

  • Responding to just right text through post its or response journal tracking their reading lives in reading logs

Prompts They Will Ask Your Students:

  • Tell me about what you are reading? What are you working on as a reader? (listen for ability to summarize and critique)

  • Can you read a little bit to me from your book? (listen for accuracy and fluency)

Report Cards Timeline

Week of 3/2 PLC- Calibrate with Colleagues on Report cards in your PLC

Week of 3/2 & Week of 3/9- Weds. PD: Work on your Report Cards!

Friday, March 13: Report Cards Due to Chelsea (ask Yolanda or Lisa to print for you!)

Friday, 3/20- Report Cards Go Home

Reminder: Instructional time will be preserved for instruction only. Teachers are not to work on report cards during instructional time, nor should teachers show movies or cover each other’s classes in order to complete report cards.

Shortened Days, 3/31-4/3s

Monday, 31st- Shortened Day: Writing PD

Tuesday, 31st- No School

Weds. 1st- PD

K-2 Math, 3-5 SBAC

Thurs. 2nd- Parent Conferences

Friday, 3rd - Parent Conferences

Free Bart Tickets for Field Trips

Go to this link to get free bart tickets for field trips in the Bay Area.

Operations & Logistics

March 9- Monday Staff Meeting

Point of Sale- New Cafeteria system will allow be coming to Glenview to move from lists and check lists to a computer based lunch accountability system. Jennifer LaBarre from Food services will be training us on how this will be rolled out.

Donor's Choose- The Donor's Choose Field Trip process turned out to be far more complicated than anyone anticipated. Orsolya, our PTA lead, on this project has worked many hours and there have still been many bumps in this road. She will be here on 3/9 to help you make sure your field trip is on track and support grade levels in jumping through the Donor's Choose Hoops. Please bring any invoices, questions, or bills you may have that day!

Sign up for the March Madness stations on 3/28

Weekly Schedules- See the template for weekly schedules that will be collected

Social Emotional Learning & Wellness

Mindfulness & Movement- Reminder!

March 18 Litt

March 25 Smith

April 1 Anderson

April 15 Ratto

April 25 Deane

April 29 Toller

May 6 Kaye

May 13 Granda

May 20 Sullivan

May 27 Morgan

June 3 Toller

Safety First

Emergency Binders

Thanks to everyone for the focused and expedient exit on our Fire Drill last week.

Make sure that you have your emergency binder labeled and located in a place your substitute can get it (Thanks Ms. Jacobsen, Ms. Ronnie knew exactly where yours was!).

Technology Tidbits