Room 603 Updates

Important Calendar Dates

2/11: Friendship Day
2/12 to 2/15: President's Day - NO SCHOOL
2/17: CVESD Board Meeting for Charter Renewal

CVESD Board Meeting

On Wednesday, February 17, the Chula Vista Elementary School District will be having a board meeting to discuss an approval for our Charter renewal. Discovery Charter Board Members will present the renewal petition. This petition will go over the school's goals, programs, student and staffing requirements, along with other points that help make the school what it is today. We are asking that parents show their support by attending the board meeting. We want to be able to show the school district how proud we are to have our child enrolled in Discovery Charter Elementary School.

Where: CVESD 84 East J. Street
When: February 17 at 6pm

Mrs. Maldonado is on a quest to change her classroom to benefit the educational needs for your kids and her future students. She is wanting to equip the classroom with 12 new seats called, Hokki Stools and Cando Stability Balls. These seats are meant to help those that have difficulty sitting still in class. Our little kids are constantly moving, and the reason is because their sensory systems are still developing. This is the reason why they have recess and playtime at school. Unfortunately, some of our kids have a more difficult time focusing on things and so you'll find them constantly fidgeting. This is where Hokki Stools and Cando Stability Balls can help these constant movers. Since these seats were meant to move, the movement helps engage the child's brain. As a result, it makes them more alert and more attentive in class. Other bonuses for these seats are that they can also correct posture and strengthen core muscles.

However, Mrs. Maldonado will need to ask for donations in order to make this possible for the students. If you go to the website and search : Erica Maldonado or Full STEAM Ahead Towards the 21st Century, you can read about her goal.

"By donating you will be providing a group of energetic kindergarteners tools to help them be successful in school." - Mrs. Erica Maldonado