Sra. Pizzuto Spanish Newsletter

December 8 - December 23, 2015 vol. 6

Dear parents and guardians,

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In this issue: 6th grade extra activities, grammar topics, and exercises. Also, 8th grade activities, and games to reinforce grammar.

Happy Holidays!!

Daria Pizzuto


Extra activities

1. Use: querer, gustaria, poder, and ir+a+infinitivo and ir+a+lugar in a strong paragraph.

2. "Talking Up a Storm" activity- speak about a picture for 2 minutes.

3. World Tour Reading activity- go to 10 best cities to do different activities

4. Cancion: el verbo IR y el LUGAR -

5. Lion King song in Spanish - "yo voy a ser el rey leon" - write a reaction afterwards:

6. Guia de madrid para el estudiante:

The day before Thanksgiving, students made paper turkeys to list the things they are grateful for.


Do these extra activities if you want to improve

1. Read and interpret the main idea of this paragraph:

2. Speak verbally decribing a picture to the best of your ability

3. Find more essential vocab to use when describing art

4. Practice: tiene, es, hay in a paragraph.

5. Browse activities below, find the one you like, complete it.

6. Create a quiz or an assessment.

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