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May 5, 2016

Hang in There!

18.5 Days Left of School...Hang in There!!!!! AND Happy CInco De Mayo!!!!

Believe It or Not...God Has A Plan, For Us, From Our Birth

This week, we looked at the story of Samson in the book of Judges and how, from birth, God had a plan for his life (to deliver the Israelites after years of captivity). We also learned that Samson slayed 1000 men with a donkey jawbone. Say what?!?! (This will make sense if you were there). :)

Take Away: Even if you feel rather ordinary, you are not because God has a special call on your life. God wants to use you for something that is FAR GREATER than yourself, and He has given you all the strength you will need to accomplish His purposes (just like he did Samson).

How can you learn to use your strengths for God's glory?

Ministry Safe Training for VBS!!!

It is VERY important that if you plan on helping for VBS week that you attend the training Sunday, May 22, from 2-4pm (before Youth Connect). A completed volunteer form also must be completed. They are available at the VBS table in the narthex.

Mission Trip Flight Update

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that due to the distance we are flying, it looks like getting a direct flight both ways near our location for a great rate may be an issue. As of now, it looks like we may have a layover coming and direct coming back and a 2-3 hour drive once landed in our rental van. However, we do have 6 chaperones so I will make sure that all kids are divided amongst the adults when traveling. Please let me know by Sunday if this is an issue for anyone. Thank you!

Mission Trip Shirts

Team Effort's Mission Trip Shirts can be ordered in advance for pickup on campsite during our stay in VA July 10-16. Please let me know if would like a shirt and what sizes you want. The shirts are $10. Order will be placed June 5.

Also, I am placing another order for the "Youth Connect" (green shirts). Please let me know if anyone needs another shirt. Order will be placed June 5.

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316 GiveBack Car Wash

Sunday, May 15 from 8am-1pm, we will be washing cars as a "Thank You" for all the support we receive from 316 for our Mission Trip Funds.

You will receive an automatic 5 points for helping but an additional 3 points (8 total) if you show up at 7:30am!

316 Points Updated 5/5

Just a reminder: The person with the MOST points by July 1st will win a special prize! This means you should continue earning points even after you reach 100!


Allison- 65/100

Blake- 84/100
Bradley- 32/60
Brayden- 77/100

Ethan- 84/100
Holly- 92/100
Ian- 79/100
Jessica- 86/100
Jordan- 77/100
Jordyn- 59/100
Joseph- 72/100
Kaylee- 77/100
Lucas- 62/100
Macy- 83/100
Madi- 72/100

Ryan- 38/55
Savannah- 70/100
Sean- 77/100

Ways to Get MORE Points

May 1- Bring a Friend, 3 points

May 15- Car Wash- 5 points, add 3 points if you come at 7:30am

June 13-17- VBS Week - 5 points per day

Sunday School-10am (1 point)

Sunday Youth- 4-6pm (1 point)

CCA Food Pantry- Ongoing (2 points)

Outside VRUMC Service- Up to 10 points (ask Daira)

May Calendar

Please Note: April and May-Wednesday Nights will be the 1st and 3rd of each Month

Sunday, May 8- NO YOUTH (Mother's Day)

Wednesday, May 11- NO YOUTH

Sunday, May 15- YC (4-6pm) Volleyball

Wednesday, May 18- YC (6-8pm) Main Event (Lewisville)

Sunday, May 22- Ministry Safe Training (2-4)

Sunday, May 22- YC (4-6pm) Soccer

Wednesday, May 25- NO YOUTH

Sunday, May 29- YC (4-6pm) End of the Year Bash


Facebook: @VRUMConnect

Twitter: @ConnectVRUMC

Text:@YouthConnect to 23559

Password: vrumcyc

or join online with this link

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