Pride and Predjudice

Character Page

Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet and she is kind and caring towards her sisters and she tries to help them when they need it. Elizabeth has a strong dislike towards Mr. Darcy, but then she realizes she loves him, and wants to be his wife. She is witty and shows her feelings towards her sister Jane and refuses to be forced to marry someone she does not like. She loves to read and take long walks in the garden or in a park.

Jane Bennet

Jane is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, and she is kind, and caring towards her sisters and she cares deeply for them. She has a sweet temper and she falls in love with Mr. Bingley at one of the balls. Jane often spends time talking to her sister Elizabeth about her relationship with Mr. Bingley, and is not afraid to speak her mind

Mary Bennet

Mary in the middle of her four sisters agewise, and spends her time playing the piano and singing. She is the ugly one of her sisters and everyone feels embarasment for her, and she is the one whom everyone leaves out. She does not talk much, and she keeps to herself.
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Kitty and Lydia Bennet

Kitty is the second youngest of her sisters, and Lydia is the youngest sister. They are both wild,and gossipy and dont seem to think about what they do before they do it, and they are overexcited about everything and they flirt with the soilders in thier town in search of finding someone to marry.
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Mr. and Mrs. Bennet

Mrs. Bennet is the mother of five daughters and Mr. Bennet is the father of the five daughters. Mr. Bennet tends to disagree with his wife and he wants his daughters to be happy, unlike Mrs. Bennet, who wants to see her daughters be married. Mrs. Bennet is foolish in her decision making, and she tries to rush her daughters into marrying. Mr. Bennet tends to go into the library, and to write letters and read. His favorite daughter is Elizabeth, because she refuses to follow what her mother wants her to.
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Sir Willam, Charlotte,and Lady Lucas

The Lucases are neighbors of the Bennets The Lucases are dear friends to the Bennets and thier oldest daughter Charlotte is Elizabeth's best friend, who cares abut her and often visits her. Sir William Lucas used to be a trader in Merytonand made a fortune until he rose to knighthood and the king crowned him.

Mr. Collins

Mr. Collins is the cousin of the Bennets. He is the one who will inherit the Bennets home when Mr. Bennet dies. . He is nice, and polite and he always complements everything.He tries to marry Elizabeth, so one of Mr. Bennets daughters can inherit thier own home. with him. But when Eliabeth rejects his proposal, he marries Charlotte Lucas.
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Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy is a man who has too much pride within his family and within himself, and he thinks that he is greater than everyone else and his inheritance is great.He realizes he has too much pride inside himself and he changes his view of Elizabeth and he falls in love with her.
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Mr. Bingley is a friendly man who enjoys talking, and he falls in love with Jane Bennet. Unlike Mr. Darcy, he is kind and caring towards people.His bright personality make him attractive. Mr. Darcy convinces Bingley that Jane does not care for him,and Mr. Bingley ends his relationship with Jane and goes to London for buisness,and after some time, they meet each other again and Bingley realizes Jane loves him, and he loves Jane and they get married.
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Miss Bingley

Miss Bingley is the opposite of her brother, she is rude and snobby towards other people especiallly towards Elizabeth. She despies her brother liking Jane because she wants him to marry one of Mr.Darcy's sisters. She is jelous that Elizabeth starts to like Mr. Darcy, because she is trying to get Mr. Darcy's attention.
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Mr. Wickham is a handsome militia soilder who seems nice on the outside but his character is told by Mr. Darcy who dislikes him. Mr. Wickham is a gambler who owes money to lots of people in town. He ends up running away with Lydia and marrying her.
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The Gardiners

The Gardiners are the aunt and ucle of the Bennet sisters. Mr.Gardiner is Mrs.Bennet's brother. They love spending time with thier nieces and they are very bright and happy people. They both talk with Elizabeth and give her thier oppinions of people and advise her. They ask Jane to babysit thier children when they go on a tour with Elizabeth.
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Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Lady Catherine is a snobish, upper class woman who is the aunt of Mr. Darcy and a friend to Mr. Collins. She is very prejudice against the the low and middle class, and she is very rude especially to Elizabeth. She tries to get Elizabeth to end her relationship with Mr. Darcy so he can marry her daughter Anne.
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Georgiana Darcy

Georgiana is the only sister of Mr. Darcy who is shy and is reffered to as "Womanly" and has a"graceful apperance. She tries to please her brother and looks up to him. She is very gentle and has pleasant manners. She is tall and has a formed figure, and plays the piano.
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Colonel Fitzwilliam

Colonel Fitzwilliam is the cousin to both Mr. Darcy and Georgiana Darcy. He is a militia officer and he is described as a gentleman and is reffered to as "well- bred".Because he talks smartly and pleasantly Eliabeth likes talking to him. . He is very kind, and he starts to like Elizabeth and he tells her that Mr. Darcy told him that he was the one who told Mr. Bingley that Jane did not like him .
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