Who Discovered America?

By:Lilly Meinholz

I believe The Native Americans Discovered America

I believe the Native Americans discovered America first because, they were here before everyone else was even here. The Native Americans Deserve Credit. The first reason why is that the Native Americans discovered America is because the Native Americans were living in America when Christopher Columbus, Leif Ericsson, Brendan the Bold, Hoei-Shin, Bjarni Hergulfsson, Prince Madoc of Wales, and Chief Howling Wind came to America. The second reason is the native Americans came to America along time before Hoei-Shin even came over. I also think the native Americans were the first ones is because they migrated over unlike the rest they shipped over here.

The first person I don't think discovered America is Christopher Columbus because there were alot more people that were over to America before Christopher Columbus was even born so there for he obviously didnt discover America first. I say that because he came over to America alot later then like for example the Native Americans or Hoei-Shin or other people. Don't get me wrong he may have discovered a part of America but America itself he did not discover that was the Native Americans that did that.

The second person is Hoei-Shin because even though he was one of the early discovers the Native Americans were still here before him. So he might have discovered parts of America but not the whole thing because the native Americans were here first. Maybe he discovered like 1/4 of America but he didnt discover 4/4 of the world.

The third person is Chief Howling Wind because he was after people who could have discovered America but sill the Native Americans discovered America first. He analyst was not over here that long ago and there were more people living here before he even got here. He might have discovered some of America but definitely not alot of America because he came so much later then other discovers came.

Thats who I believe deserves credit for discovering America and who doesn't deserve that much credit for discovering America.