Computer Hardware

By Anouk Vaessen

Hard Drives/SSD

The hard drive is where you find the hard disk. The hard disk is a storage disk where all your apps and documents are stored. When you save or download things onto it, it will save it so that you can open it up the next time you wish. Hard drive can sometimes store up to 2tb. Hard drives are mainly found in computers.

SSD stand for Solid State Drive. SSD's do the same a a hard drive but its smaller and lighter and does not have any moving parts such as in a regular hard drive. SSD are found in smaller thngs such as iPads or iPhones.


The monitor (also known as the screen) is an electronic visual display made up of millions of tiny pixels. The amount of pixels depends on the size and quality of screens. Older computers and tv probably have larger pixels and therefore less. This makes the quality of the display worse. For a computer you need a monitor to see what you are doing. A computer is nothing without its monitor.

Optical Drive

In the real world, "optical" refers to be able to see. More technically , "optical" refers to lasers, which can read data on optical discs. Such as DVDs CDs and Bluray Disks. Each disk has tny little bumps and dips to help the computer read it. Optical drives have lasers that read these bumps and dips as ones and zeros, which the computer can understand.


The CPU for the computer is similar to a human brain. CPU stands for Central Programing Unit. Most of the logic of the computer comes from the CPU.The more powerful the CPU the more kinds of applications you will be able to run on your system.The how well the CPU works is decided in two areas: internal and external. The internal performance means the performance within the central processor. The chip's design, clock speed and memory caches all influence how quickly the CPU can perform tasks. And the external performance refers to the rest part of the system.