Principal's Corner

April 7th, 2016

SBAC Testing Schedule

After much discussion, feedback, and consideration, I have decided that we will move forward with the SBAC schedule- Option 1. I understand that as a staff we were 50/50 in terms of favoring Option 1 or 2, so there isn't a plan that stands out as being the best. There are many pros and cons to each option, but one of the reasons that I am choosing Option 1 is because logistically it works best, in combination with the high school testing schedule, to accommodate our shared staff. It also allows us to test CST's and only have 1 schedule.

I will share an electronic copy of the schedule through e-mail, but I know you received on yesterday from Sue too. Thank you everyone for your input. I heard that you had very thoughtful discussions yesterday.

SBAC Assembly & Video

Just a reminder that we have our SBAC assembly next week. The theme of our testing week is "Our future is bright!" with emoji's as our emblem. Today we met to finalize some of the logistics and activities for the assembly. Part of it is going to involve competitions between staff vs. students. We'll be looking for lots of participants. I am hopeful that our t-shirts will be in, and everyone can wear shades too.

Tony wasn't able to make it back this week, but he will be back next Tuesday (7th period) to visit some classes and Wednesday to record Social Studies, Science, and Elective teachers. Please come to the front office in the morning to check-in with Tony. I can't wait to see how the video turns out.


Because of CAASPP testing, we will not be taking CFA's this quarter. However, I know in Math, departments are developing unit tests which are done at the end of the units, so please continue with that process.

Recruiting in Michigan

Next week I will be out all week on a recruiting trip to Michigan. We will be having some additional interviews here for some of our positions next week as well. Let's keep our fingers crossed :)

Family Picnic Day

On Thursday, we will be hosting our Family Picnic Day. Please feel free to bring a lunch and join in with families outside.

PTO Fundraisor

PTO is starting an end of the year fundraiser with students April 18th -29th . They will be kicking it off during the assembly. Students will be selling movie tickets for $10 dollars. More details on this will come from them during the assembly.


I wanted to announce that Kevin Peterson was officially hired as our Site Maintenance Lead

I also want to officially welcome Tara Bean as our new Behavior Intervention Specialist. Tara started with us be fore break.

I also want to congratulate Mr. Williams who will be officially joining the Rocky Hill staff next year. We're excited for you, and I know the staff there is excited for you to join them too!

Staff Appreciation Week

Our staff appreciation week is coming May 2nd-6th, and our theme for this year's week will be "Many smiles and thanks". We will be using the emoji images and decorations as part of this. Lots of smiles and thanks to come.