The toughest Sport there is

The History of Boxing

  • Before Boxing there was bare knuckle fights that started in England
  • Jack Boughton was one of the best fighters and was known as the "Father of Boxing
  • The very first boxing match took place in Britain in the year of 1681
  • Boxing has been a part of the Olympics since 1904

The people that started coming to the US for boxing was a way out of poverty for some people. In 1915 the Irish were the the main and dominating group in boxing when it first started getting big in the US. But now it is watched

the time for boxing

Actually believe it or not there isn't a season start and end, Boxing is mainly a year round sport and it happens all the time. Some fights you can watch on ESPN and then some fights that are really big you have to buy the PPV to watch it.

Some famous boxers

questions about the sport

Boxing is a very well known sport and is actually played in the Olympics. Also it is not just a mens sport it is also a womens sport.