How To Be the Perfect Parent

By Richard Luna

The Key Components

The key components are the basic characteristics of someone, or in this case a perfect parent. The basic characteristics of a perfect parent can be loving, teaching discipline, and being supportive . These characteristics resemble a perfect parent. Being a perfect parent will allow your child to love and respect you even when teaching them lessons when they get in trouble.


Sometimes parents have to show their child some love. If you just discipline them and criticize everything your child does, there not going to listen to your or love you. You have to love and try making your child happier so that way they will love you and listen.


Sometimes parents can be show love but also have to give their child little discipline for the. To understand what to do and what not to do. This does not require parents yelling or screaming, just to have a little talk. Then you tell them that they have to do extra chores that require more work to make them understand.

Being Supportive 👍

Sometimes your child can be a little depressed, so you have to show a little support. This is being supportive. Ways of being supportive: asking questions, enjoying the same events, and being involved in their child's extracurricular activities. Also, another way of being supportive encouraging your child in any way that can be helpful.