Greek vs. US Culture

by: Emma Chapman

1. Marrying Greek

In the Greek culture it is very important that you marry another Greek person. Greek people want to keep the Greek ethnicity throughout the family. In the USA it is different. It does not matter who you marry. You could marry a Japanese person and it would be okay, because the ethnicity of your partner doesn't matter as much.

2. Working for the Family until Marriage

In Greek Culture children work in family business if the family has one or they work closely with there family till they are married. The kids usually live with their parents until marriage and find work in what ever the family does, which means they usually do not go to college. The USA is very different, because as soon as we finish high school we leave home and go off to college or to live on our own.
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3. Spit on Each other for good luck

At weddings in Greek culture as the bride walks down the isle, Greek people in the audience spit on the bride to wish her good luck. In USA culture we find spitting as rude and use it to make fun of someone.

4. Family is very important

Greek's have large families that usually live very close together. They help each other out and usually work together. Family must approve of what you are doing and in Greek culture you try your hardest to please your family. In USA culture families can be big but they are more spread out and independent. People in the families do not try to please each other as much with their actions and they don't rely on each other as much.
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5. Food brings the family together

This is very similar for both American and Greek cultures. On holidays both cultures come together for food and to see the family. Greeks come together on more than just holidays and share big meals with each other.
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6. First Steps as Husband and Wife

In Greek culture during the wedding the bride and groom take their first steps as husband and wife around the popes stand. They wear these flower crowns that are tied together with ribbon as they walk together. In US culture bride and grooms usually do not do this and just do the basic first kiss.
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7. Greek School

In Greek culture little kids attend Greek school while they also go to normal school. Instead of doing brownies and other things like that they go to school to learn more about their culture and language. In American culture we just go to normal school and do not have a school specifically for learning about our cultures past.
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8. Wedding Dance

In Greek culture during a wedding they do a big group dance with the family instead of a first dance with a bride and groom. The intermediate family make a small circle in the middle while the extended family make a bigger circle around them. The spin in circle and do other things as they all dance together. In the USA during weddings their are the bride and grooms first dance, the mother son dance, and the bride and her dads dance.