May at Blooming Lotus Yoga

Updates and important information

Changes to our schedule

Hello Yogis and Yoginis....Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful spring weather! We would like to inform you of some important changes to our schedule this coming month. All weekday morning classes will be postponed until further notice. Also changes to class times are below:

Monday 7 pm all levels will now be 5:45 Gentle Yoga with Jennifer

Sunday 10 am class will now be Gentle Yoga (with a 30 minute guided Yoga Nidra the 1st

Sunday of every month added on)

Also we have a new class being added at 5:45 on Thursdays with a new instructor! Wendy will be leading a 1 hour Naam Yoga class. You can check the website for the class description of Naam Yoga and we encourage you to expand upon your Yoga experience and give this a try. This class is suitable for everyone.

Please remember that all classes require preregistration as class sizes are limited to 8 students. All evening classes up to 1hour prior and morning classes by evening before. If you decide to come to class after that time period you are always welcome to pop in and see if there is space in the class and join us.

Gentle Reminders

Class etiquette

We would like to remind you of some small things to help make your yoga experience as enjoyable as possible as well as your fellow classmates. The energy we bring to the room is important as we do share in that energy in class. Some small reminders are listed below:

1. Arrive on time to allow enough time to get settled so class can begin on time...if you do need to enter late please arrive quietly.

2. Turn off electronics or turn to silent

3. Take off shoes before setting up your mat

4. Respect your fellow classmates space

5. Keep chit chat to a minimum during class as to not disturb other student's practice