Athena and Poseidon's Feud

By: Brianna S (period 6)

The Myth

It all started when the gods made a peaceful contest to see who would gain control of a city. Whoever gave the city the best gift would win the contest. Poseidon (who was the god of the sea) hit a rock with his trident, and salty water came out. But Athena threw her spear into the ground, and out of it came an olive tree. It's leaves provided shade, it's fruit provided both oil and food - and they could use the oil for their lamps and cooking. Because Poseidon gave the city salty water that they could not drink, Athena was pronounced the winner. After the city was named Athens (for Athena) Poseidon was furious and he and Athena fought ever since. The moral of this myth is that you should never hold a grudge because you will make enemies and you will never let it go.

How they were born

Athena's dad was Zeus and her mom was Metis. An oracle one day warned Zeus that Zues's first kid would be a girl (meaning Athena) but Metis's second child would be a boy eho would overthrow Zeus. So when Metis wasn't paying attention, Zeus picked her up and swallowed her. Zeus soon started getting really big headachesm and it was so loud it could be heard all around the world. Hermes decided what they needed to do is ask Hephaestus to take a wedge and split Zeus's skull open. When that happened, out popped Athena, fully grown with full armor. And that is how Athena was born.

Poseidon's mom was Rhea and his father was Cronus. Cronus was one day told by his father and mother (Uranus and Mother Earth) that one day one of his sons would dethrone him (as in make sure he's not the king) Because of this, he swallowed the first 5 kids that Rhea bore him, Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon. He meant to swallow Zeus, but his mother saved him. Rhea wrapped a stone like a baby and told Cronus it was Zeus, so of course he swallowed it. Zeus was then raised by nymphs and grew up. Eventually he went home and became a cup-bearer (a person who pours wine, and other drinks for someone else). After Zeus mixes poison with the drink, Cronus vomits his children out, and thats how Poseidon came to the world.


Interviewer: I am here today with Athena (the goddess of wisdom) and Poseidon. (the god of the sea) How are you two today?

Athena: Why do I have to be here with, HIM?

Poseidon: Out of ALL the gods and goddesses, why is SHE here?

Interviewer: We all have a very important question to ask you 2! What started all of this fighting?

Athena: I'll tell the story since Poseidon is a grumpy fish.


Interviewer: Poseidon, calm down! I don't want any earthquakes! You two may be immortal, but I am not, so try not to kill anyone while you're here!

Athena: Ok, so it all started a long, long, long-

Interviewer: Please continue Athena.

Athena: Ok, so we were having a FRIENDLY little competition with all the gods and the goddesses. Whoever gave the city the best gift won. The grumpy fish over there gave the city a river with salty water, and they couldn't drink it. So it was useless.


interviewer: Poseidon! Please!

Athena: So then I threw my spear into the ground and gave the city an olive tree, and I won over the city. So I renamed the city Athens and Seaweed Brain over there has been hating me ever since!

Poseidon: That's right!

interviewer: O.k. Well, you 2 can work it out later. I'm going to ask you two some questions about yourselves so we can learn more about you!

interviewer: Ok, while big mouth is calming down over there, Athena, what is your symbol?

Athena: My symbol is the owl, a spider (because it symbolizes my victory against Arachne), my shield with the head of a gorgon, and some others.

interviewer: Cool! Poseidon, are you the god of anything beside the sea?

Poseidon: Yes I happen to be the god of earthquakes and horses as well!

Interviewer: Athena, Poseidon, what are your favorite colors?

Athena: I like an orange, but not like the fruit, more like the sunset.

Poseidon: I OBVIOUSLY like blue! All kinds of blue, blue-green, baby blue-

Interviewer: O.K! We got it! So what do all of you gods and goddesses do in your spare time? I mean, if you have any.

Athena: I'll take this one. We really don't do anything besides our jobs, we're really busy!

Interviewer: Very interesting! Well, we gotta wrap this up! But one more question, how old ARE you gods and goddesses?


Athena: I'll make this quick. We have given up trying to keep track, but I would say we have been around for about 2,700 years, probably even older! But lord of the cranky is getting really angry, sooo, we have to go!

Interviewer: Bye! Well, there you have it! That was Athena and Poseidon!

Poseidon(from a distance): Actually , its Poseidon and-

Athena:(from a distance): LET IT GO!

Sons and Daughters

Comparing a hero and a god

I am going to compare and contrast Percy Jackson and Poseidon

5 ways they are alike:

- They're both in control of water

- Both of them can get easily upset

- They are both brave

- Both are really good at fighting

- They can both talk to horses

5 ways they are different:

- Percy is more loyal

- Poseidon is a god

- Percy likes Athena's daughter, but Poseidon doesn't like Athena

- Poseidon is more powerful

- Percy mostly fights with his sword, Poseidon fights with the water

Animation: Athena and Poseidon Battle