Animal Abuse



There are many types of animal abuse, in which none are okay. Many people use animal abuse to be seen as a threat, to release stress, or for the amusement. People don't understand how they affect the life's of the animals, because they don't have a voice to say it hurts. Animal abuse needs to stop once and for all!! So in this flyer you will learn about the different types of animal abuse and how it affects the animals.

Main Questions?

Question 1

What will happen in the future if animal abuse is not stopped?- in the future, if animal abuse is not stopped it could lead to extinction to some species. Some types of abuse could lead to death, meaning the animals cannot reproduce leading to extinction in the far future.

Question 2

Why do people treat animals this way?- people treat animals like this mostly to take out anger, or relieve stress. They do this because it makes them feel as though they are the bigger person and strong. Also some others do it to be seen as a threat to others.

Question 3

How does this affect the animals?-after the animals have been abused, neglected, etc. the animal normally is shy, or very protective of themself. They often hide or flinch easily, causing less interaction with the owner. They show this behavior because it I what the are used to. If the are used to it, they'll show it.


The happy part about this, is that most animals that are abused and are raised in those conditions are adopted and put into home with nice families and healthy environments. They live happy lives and experience love and care from their families.

Animal rights awareness week!

Thursday, June 19th, 12am to Wednesday, June 25th, 11:45pm

United States