Romeo and Juliet

J. Lopes, C. Moeuy, K. Cooney

All the Things You Need to Know About Romeo and Juliet

Introductory Paragraph

In this project, we will be discussing about William Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet. We'll be talking about what the play is about, why it's so popular, and what other critics say about it.

What Do Critics Say About it? Are There Any Other Versions of the Production?

When we think of William Shakespeare, what normally comes to mind is Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare's most well known plays. Most critics give positive reviews about it, but some didn't like how other versions were being created. The reason that they didn't like the other versions was because the director often changed the outcome of the story. This upset many people because they loved the original version so much. When someone else tries to reenact it, it's never the same. There have been many adaptations of Romeo and Juliet. Many people like the original better. Most of the adaptations were from European countries such as Italy, Spain, UK, and the Netherlands, as well as the United States. There are also many different books and movie adaptations of Romeo and Juliet (Mabillard 1).

Which is the best production of the play? What difficulties are there in performing the play? (if any?)

Most would think the best production of the play is the one by William Shakespeare, which it is. It's gobally celebrated and rewarded. This year is Shakespeare's 400th death anniversary. His anniversary is truly important to others who have felt a large impact in their lives due to play. Many have been "infulenced on culture, education and society" by his work. Flimmakers all around the world admire and are inspired by Shakespeare. Shakespeare amazing work has been noticed by thousands in the play industry. Along with film makers, actors, and producers are inspired by this play. There are no difficulties I find in this play (Bureau 1).

What is the play about?

Romeo and Juliet is a play about two young adults who fall in love with each other. They both meet at the Capulet's ball. This ball was thrown for Juliet to find a proper suitor that she can marry when she is of age. Romeo is a love sick boy who thinks that he can't find another girl comparable to Rosaline. Benevolio takes Romeo to the ball so that he could find a better lady and tells him to go out and dance. Romeo dances and then ends up having love at first sight. We find out that the girl Romeo danced with is Juliet. While falling in love they later find out that their love is forbidden. The reason that this love is forbidden is due to their families being enemies. Juliet and Romeo are both torn at the fact that their love can not happen. (Carter 1)

Why is it famous?

This play is famous because even though it is quite old, everyone can still relate to the problem Juliet and Romeo had both face. The play adds comedy and tragedy to keep the viewers interested. (Carter 1)