Diego Siloe

By Luke Knedeisen

His Life (Bibliography)

Diego Siloe, born in Burgos, Spain was a renaissance artist, mainly known for his sculptures and architecture. Diego didn't have any patrons, but his father was a sculptor which probably influenced him to study sculpting in Florence. Siloe lived in and traveled to many places in spain. He traveled to Salamanca Sevilla, and Toledo,for his work, and eventually died in Granada, Spain.

Diego's Work

The picture on the right shows one of Diego's architectural pieces, the Escalera Dorada at the Cathedral de Borgos. The staircase was added to the cathedral in the 16th century, a few hundred years after the cathedral itself was constructed. This piece symbolizes the classicism renaissance style of art in that it is completely symmetrical. One thing that I think stands out to me is that Siloe took something practical, a staircase, and made it into a great piece of art.


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