Corporate Chefs

And Why They're Pretty Cool, By Noah Baker

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Job Responsibilities

To be a corporate chef, you have a lot of jobs and responsibilities to handle. For example, you are in charge of examining ingredients to ensure freshness, taste food before it is served, monitor the whole kitchen to make sure it's all going smooth, train the new people so they're not bad, prepare food and cook the meals, among others. You also must make sure to communicate with the consumers, so if a customer has a compliment or a complaint, you often are the one they talk to. You also, though this isn't a requirement, come up with new recipe ideas for wherever it is you're working, because that shows initiative and initiative is a good quality.

Characteristics Required

Some important qualities to have include but are not limited to:


-Ability to multitask

-Leadership ability

-Skill at cooking a wide variety of foods

-Ability to work in a busy kitchen environment

Training Needed

Anywhere from on the job training to a Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts (4 years)


As of 2015, the average income for a full time job is approx. $42, 490