Building Staff Capacity w/ Parents

August 20, 2019 @ Grade Levels

Training: Getting Connected with Parents & Families at Elkins Pointe Middle School

Assistant of Parents - Feedback Via Questionaire

Here is what parents would like to see communicated at Curriculum Night:

  1. What is expected of our children this year.. for each class - Thank you! :)
  2. Expectations and communication
  3. Homework and classwork
  4. How are your meeting the needs of a brand new six graders and how can parents help
  5. How parent-teacher conferences work. Is there at least one in-person discussion with teachers? Or only as requested or needed?
  6. What they'll be learning about this year, tips to support our student's success
  7. Your thoughts and plans for the school year
  8. New online campus portal tutorial on how teachers will use. Will all teachers use for homework and if not how can we as parents double-check that assignments are being handed in before it might be too late. What can you see and not see in the portal

    Expectations of both the students and parents and any special dates/needs that the teacher knows about already.

  9. Notifications in an inbox is there a way to send a text to parents?

  10. Expectations, and opportunities to volunteer in the classroom

  11. Please explain the college system and lanyards. I’ve already washed my child’s lanyard and can’t picture it lasting a full school year!

  12. Things that make their class different/special. Examples: in this class will they have a group project about, take a trip, the focus is

  13. Can parents can view standards online, we want to know what a day in their class looks like.

  14. My son is 6th grade so looking forward to any and all information!

  15. How the class runs and operates

  16. What is expected of my child in their class, what they will be learning, projects they will be working on

Thank you Ashlee Jaeggi and Amy Little for being our presenters at this building staff capacity training.

Our Special Guests are Ashlee Jaiggi and Amy Little from the Elkins Pointe PTSA. They are here to ask teachers and staff to come to "Get Connected Night" on Sept. 5, 2019.
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Building Staff Capacity with Parents Objectives

1) Value and Utility of Contributions of Parents

  • Foster parent engagement in the classroom and the school
  • Parents are stakeholders in their child's academic success

2) How to Effectively Communicate with and Reach out to Parents

  • Building relationships by using 2-Way Communication
  • Give feedback to parents about their child
  • Share classroom instruction strategies via email, pictures in Titan Talk, and Twitter.

3) Work with Parents as Equal Partners

  • Partnering with parents builds relationships to support student success
  • Because parents were their child’s first teacher, partnering with them indicates that teachers/staff value the contributions parents make towards their child's academic achievement

4) How to Implement and Coordinate Parent Programs

  • Rosetta Stone
  • Parent University Workshops
  • Translation, childcare, transportation

5) How to Build Ties Between Home and School

  • Strategies are identified by teachers to further support student success both in school and through family involvement
  • Create Trust by being responsive, timely, relevant, and clear in purpose

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Get Connected to Parents, Families, the Community, Students, Teachers, and Staff on Sept. 5th.

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