7th Grade E-Learning Updates 5/18

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Last chance for Yearbooks:

We have 28 yearbooks left for students to purchase. They may purchase on-line or by phone @ yearbookordercenter.com and the phone # is 1-866-287-3096 JOB#10335. The extended deadline is NOW May 22nd.

Register for Exploratory Classes and Elective Classes for Next Year !!!

Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfbtWT1U6NFZic-yxTzMAJxq-SUocHr0XHxO91gLZYgCSQ4YQ/viewform


Beginning on 4/15 all Wednesdays will be Teacher Workdays. Teachers will not be available online but will instead be planning and taking part in professional development.

With all the commotion going on we ask that you A) be smart and safe and B) reach out to teachers or support staff if you need help! We know it is tough and we are here to help.

Teacher Info

Downs - Math


Last week was my final week of work. Please complete anything that was missed.

I hope this pandemic lightens up and we will have a normal summer. We all deserve some peace and rest after this.

Still nothing on Math 1 selections. See below from last week.

Information on Math 1 selection will be coming from the district (hopefully) soon. My advice is to make sure your child is giving this opportunity all they can and proving they deserve to be selected. Please hold all questions on this until after I get more information. FYI Math 1 is not related to AIG so there is no guarantee of any students getting selected.

As always reach out to me if you need my assistance!

Email: tyler.downs@rss.k12.nc.us

Remind: Text 81010 with the message @3h2f22

Social Studies


During this E-Learning time I am posting all assignments on Canvas. Students and parents are welcome to email through the Canvas App or regular school email with any questions or concerns.

Stay safe and hopefully we will be back in school soon. Make sure you do something fun today :).

Talk to you soon.

Mr. Muolo

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7th Grade Science

Greetings Everyone!

I hope that everyone is having a great time during this E-learning strategy!

As everyone knows, you can find all class work up to date on the class website link: lloydscientists.weebly.com . When you first enter the page, the daily agenda will be shown as you scroll down (in red). Please complete all class agenda's listen on the class website link. This is your best tool to know what assignments are due on which day. To view the previous dates, please click on the agenda 2019-2020 school year at the top of the page, and then click on Agenda - Unit 5: Earth's Atmosphere. Once you do this, it will lead you to the archive of each date we have completed within the unit. All dates are in red, which means you have to scroll towards the bottom of the page to fin the date you missed.

There is also a tech book. Here is the tech book for the unit we are covering:

Chapter 21.1 - the composition of air

Chapter 21.2 - The Properties of Earths Atmosphere

Chapter 21.3 - The structure of earth's atmosphere

Chapter 21.4 - Heat Transfer in Earth's Atmosphere

*Please submit all assignments to Canvas, unless you are doing a quizizz which is done within the app. Please see the class website on how to submit work to canvas.*

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime @ lloydjm@rss.k12.nc.us

Ms. Ramey's Math Students

Click the google link below to access NEW chapters for the book, Killer Instinct

Where are Math assignments ?

Please check google classroom for any Math assignments. It will be located under the "E-learning tab."

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Ramey at


You can also join Ms. Ramey


Text 81010

with the message @mathcgm

or visit the link


Volume and Surface Area!

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Tools we are using to connect and learn


Students can share and post answers / responses to ELA and Math. Here they can view other responses! This app also gives students a chance to "see" each other. It offers the opportunity to learn through each other.
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Our next Zoom Class Meeting

Tuesday, April 28th, 10am

This is an online event.

Please join us every weekday morning at 10 am for zoom.

Mr. Muolo has one every Monday at 9am also.

ELA with Pate

Hello everyone! I miss seeing all of those smiling faces. We have made it to our last week. :(

I am posting all announcements, updates, and assignments on my Google Classroom page. If you have any questions, students can send me a message through the Canvas app or send me an email. Please let me know what I can do to help you all during this time!

It is not too late to submit any missing assignments!! I am here to help if you need me. Email, Zoom, or Canvas message. Take this week to get caught up on anything you are missing and turn in by Friday, May 15th.

The Quizizz for this week is optional if you want some additional review for ELA. The Google Form (Reflection) is to give me feedback to help me for next year!

Zoom meetings every Tuesday for my class at 10 am.

Zoom read aloud Tuesday at 1 pm if you want to continue reading the book for fun. :)

I look forward to "seeing" all of you.

Email: makenna.pate@rss.k12.nc.us

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