The Norwegian Christmas

By Autumn Heitzman

Their Santa Clause

The Norwegian Santa's name is Julenissen. Their Santa wears a long red robe like thing. He also wears black boots with a golden buckle on them.


The Christmas tree, juletre, spruce or pine tree usually, are often decorated with candles, apples, red hearts, cornets, straw ornaments, balls of glass and tinsels, all depending on what you like. Hyacinths, red tulips, spices and tangerines.


The Norwegian Santa's name is Julenissen. The children leave a bowl of porridge for their Santa, by the sheep pen and if, they don't leave the bowl of porridge, they don't get anything.

Their Foods

Multekrem: Dessert made of cloudberries and whipped cream.

Riskrem: Rice porridge mixed with whipped cream and served with a red sauce made from berries.

Marzipan: Marzipan is a popular Christmas treat in Norway. Chocolate-coated

Pork roast: Some Norwegians also like to eat pork roast in the festive season. Usually served with red cabbage, boiled potatoes and gravy. Additional vegetables can include broccoli and carrots.

Ribbe: Roasted pork belly, usually served with sauerkraut and boiled potatoes, Christmas sausages, meat balls and gravy. These are a couple foods they eat at the feast.

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They will often have jewelry, knickknacks, Jack in the boxes, socks, tops, clothing, dolls, and board games for their Christmas gifts.

They will often get candy, candy canes, and small gifts for their stockings.

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