The Israelites


  • The Israelite s are known as the "Jewish People"
  • The Israelite s were led by Moses to the land of Israel.
  • In 587 BCE Babylonian Nebuchadnezzar"s army took over Jerusalem and destroyed the temple.
  • They believed in the same god from thousands of years and they all spoke the same language
  • Moses lead the the Israelites away from Egypt.
  • God cursed them with 40 years because they believed very little in him.


Can any one deny that the old israelites conceived Jahveh not only in the image of man, but in that of a changeable, irritable, and, occasionally, violent man? -Thomas Henry Huxley


The isralites lasted 40 years in the desert.


I think that the israelites should move on because the lasted 40 years in the desert