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Winter Break!!!

Winter Break is here!!! I hope it is a special two weeks filled with lots of fun, family, and friends. Your 6.12 Project was due Tuesday, December 15th. If you did not turn it in, keep going. Click here for a helpful document concerning the project. I know you can succeed!!! Don't forget to fill out the short 6.10 Reflection Survey after you turn in your project. It's 10 points in the course.

FINISH STRONG in U.S. History! In order to be exempt from the final exam, you must have an 80 in the course. If you are behind you may still work through the Winter Break. Check your gradebook today and see my helpful catch-up checklist below if you need help. All assignments must be turned in by January 4th for you to receive credit. It has been such a pleasure having you in my class this semester and I look forward to a great spring semester!
U.S. History Catch-up Checklist

Do you need help catching up in the course or are you looking for some ways to raise your grade? Check out my catch-up checklist for some quick and efficient ways to be more successful in U.S. History.

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6.12 Semester Project Resource Folder

Please keep this link handy as this folder contains all the documents and resources you need to successfully complete your 6.12 Project: Turning Points in U.S. History. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Take risks...never give up.

One of the BEST Motivational Videos I've ever seen!
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Unit 6 Study Guide

Study guide for the 6.18 Test.

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