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Our exclusive interview with millionaire Tom Regan

"I'll help Harry Styles and Justin Bieber get back on track"

This week we had the chance to sit down and chat to Tom Regan about what it's like to be a millionaire in 2025 and his plans for the future.

Money magazine : Thanks for speaking to us, firstly how old are you and what's your occupation?

Tom : I'm 35 years old and I am international businessman working in the film and music industry.

Money magazine : Could you tell us how much money you are worth?

Tom : Yes, Tom Regan enterprises is currently valued at £300 million.

MM : Wow, that's a lot of money! Are you single, married or divorced?

Tom : I am currently single after coming off a bitter divorce. She may have got a lot of my money but all I cared about was keeping my dog Buster.

MM: Do you have any children?

Tom : As far as I know, I have no children, and as a newly single man I intend to keep it that way.

MM: Where are you currently living?

Tom : At the moment I am based in both Los Angeles and New York.

Part 2

"I'm now a major shareholder in Skyr"

MM : Do you travel by Car/plane/helicopter/boat/motorbike ?

Tom : I mostly travel by private plane to work in L.A and New York but when I'm relaxing I like to drive my Aston Martin around Beverly Hills. It was given to me as a present from Justin Bieber before he went to rehab again. I hope he doesn't ask for it back!

MM: What countries have you visited?

Tom: Too many to mention, but I recently visited Iceland on a talent scouting mission. The business deal went sour when I refused to eat Þorramatur. However I did come away as a majority shareholder in Skyr.

MM: What is your favourite possession?

Tom : It may be small but my new iPhone 15. It controls all aspects of my life.

MM : What are the good and bad things about your rich lifestyle ?

Tom : The good things are that I can buy almost anything I want. I've also set up my own foundation which helps young people become musicians who will go on to create incredibly dull and uninspiring music which can make me lots of money in the future. The bad thing about having all this money is my inability to detect gold digging women, like my ex wife.

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