Mesoamerican civilizations

by: Maddy Randazzo

Interesting facts about the Mesoamerican civilization

The Mayans built and invented many different things like the calendar that we use today. They were the first people to use a calendar that had 365 day in it. They also invented an advanced writing system which they used in there everyday life. The Incas were also special because of there government they had 2 main classes the Controlled government and the Nobles component. The Aztecs are also a Mesoamerican civilization that farmed something unique they farmed chocolate and and beans which are great for trade.

Farming Methods

The Mesoamerican civilizations had many different farming techniques to growing maize and irrigation canals to keep the soil rich to terrace farming. The Mayans are the ones who grow maize and irrigation canals while the Incas are the ones who use terrace farming which is there own irrigation system. The Aztecs have the most interesting farming method since they live by nothing but water they built something to go over the water and then covered it with dirt. Those are the different farming methods.



The Mayan government is made up of Kings which were at the top, than the noble class, and last the slaves. The kings ruled there government along with preachers and teacher. The Mayans were from northern Guatemala and Mexico. They built sculptures, guards, and jewelry. The Incas government had 2 main classes the controlled government and the organized government. There government told there people who to marry. They came from many places around the world like Para, Columbia, Ecuador, and Chile. They made many things that advanced there civilizations like roads and surgeons. They also made Pyramids, bridges, and highways. The Aztecs government was made up of 3 main classes which were the nobility, warriors, and high priests. The different jobs of the Aztecs change while the people who work in art mainly stick to a couple of things like making Pyramids, artificial plants, and big buildings for the people in the higher class.