Hawai'i CC 2020 Summer Institute

July 1 - August 7, 2020

Thank you for your patience while the Instructional Working Group worked to put together a schedule of professional development opportunities to help you plan for your fall classes.

Please join your fellow colleagues in building a Ka’ao-minded “community of practice” this summer through the following professional learning opportunities. We will grow and learn together this summer and continue sharing through 2020-2021. Support your students’ success in their own journeys with the help and camaraderie of your fellow instructors. The Kaʻao model was designed by Dr. Taupōuri Tangarō and is based on a Hawaiian transformative model of building relevancy to personal and student success. (More information about the Kaʻao model will be shared soon.)

After looking through the following list of workshops and webinars, please submit this form to register for events(s). Registration is required in order to obtain instructions and webinar links.

Stipend Information

Funding has been secured to provide stipends for eligible faculty & Lecturers who participate in identified professional development this summer.

  • A $200 stipend can be earned for completing a minimum of 6 hours of professional development activities.

  • A maximum of three stipends (totaling $600; for 18 hours of participation) can be earned by an eligible participant.

View detailed stipend information and process.

Campus-based Professional Development Opportunities

Register to attend these live events organized and facilitated by
members of our Hawai
ʻi CC Kauhale. All live events will be conducted via Zoom.

Registration is required at least ONE business day prior to campus-based events
in order to obtain further instructions and webinar links.

All sessions concluded

Other Professional Development Opportunities

Registration is required at least TWO business days prior to Innovative Educator webinars and for video recordings in order to obtain additional registration instructions.

Innovative Educators Live Webinars

Stipend credit: 2 hours each

Through our subscription to Innovative Educators, you have access to live webinars. Below are webinars scheduled in July that you can attend for stipend credit after submitting a webinar review. All submitted reviews will be compiled as a resource and linked to future IE flyers. Below are the titles eligible for stipend credit.

Webinar Titles:

  • July 7: Teaching Online: Best Practices for Asynchronous & Synchronous Delivery
    Successful remote teaching goes beyond knowing what pedagogical strategies to utilize; it rests on how to use each approach effectively. In this webinar, you will learn the best practices for conducting synchronous and asynchronous lectures, discussions, and group work in the online classroom.
  • July 14: Examining Async. & Sync. Strategies for Active & Engaged Learning
    Advances in technology are blurring the boundaries between in-class and out-of-class learning activities. In this webinar, you will explore a decision-making process for determining the most appropriate mode of interaction (asynchronous versus synchronous) for creating an active, engaged learning experience.
  • July 16: Improving Online Engagement: Strategies for Compliance & Connections
    This innovative and forward-looking webinar will provide practical guidance for developing strategies to engage students in online environments authentically. Applying student engagement theory and research regarding how individuals engage and learn online, the audience will leave with easy to implement approaches to helping their students learn, lead, and connect online.
  • July 21: Designing Learning Outcomes & Engaging Assessments for the Online Classroom
    Creating assignments that are simultaneously meaningful and engaging is a challenge. This webinar highlights innovative ways to make traditional written assignments more engaging, explores opportunities for integrating technology into learning activities, and examines strategies for capitalizing on the unique opportunities available in the online classroom.
  • July 28: Reduce Cheating in the Online Classroom: Shifting from Punishment to Prevention
    Student cheating is a growing concern in the online classroom. This webinar overviews a comprehensive approach for designing a course structure and assignments that simultaneously reduce motivation and opportunities to cheat.

Innovative Educators Recorded Video Training

Stipend credit: 2 hours each

Through our subscription to Innovative Educators, you have access to a library of recorded training videos. Below are videos eligible for stipend credit after submitting a video training review. All submitted reviews will be compiled as a resource and linked to future IE flyers.

Below are the titles eligible for stipend credit. Click this link to view training descriptions and instructions to access the videos.

Video Training Titles:

  1. Best Practices In College Teaching: Creating An Active Learning Environment
  2. Cheating In An Online Environment: How To Prevent, Detect, & Deter Dishonesty
  3. Creating Community & Engagement In Online Courses
  4. Creating Tests That Assess Higher Order Thinking Skills
  5. Cultivating Growth Mindset & Grit In The Online Learning Environment
  6. Dealing With Difficult & Disruptive Students In Online Classes
  7. Designing An Accessible Online Course: What Designers & Instructors Need To Know
  8. Designing Successful Online Classes: An Overview of Best Practices
  9. Diversity, Inclusivity And Civility: Developing And Enhancing Students' Cultural Competence
  10. Effective Group Work In The College Classroom
  11. How To Address Plagiarism & Academic Dishonesty In Online Classes
  12. How To Design Effective Multiple Choice Tests That Assess Student Learning
  13. How To Make Online Discussion Assignments Manageable & Meaningful For Students & Faculty
  14. How To Reconceptualize A “Class Period” In The Online Environment
  15. Implementing Intentional Instructional Strategies To Foster Student Learning In The Online Classroom
  16. Incorporating Active Learning Strategies Into Your Online Teaching Environment
  17. Increasing Online Student Engagement And Retention Through Online Human Touch
  18. Is Your Online Instructional Content Accessible? How To Support Students With Declared & Undeclared Disabilities
  19. Leveraging Technologies To Enhance Success For Diverse Generation Z Populations
  20. Moving Your Class Online In Response to Covid-19: Practical Advice From An Online Teacher & Instructor Coach
  21. Online Discussions: How To Facilitate Critical Thinking & Maximize Ongoing Dialogue
  22. Personalizing Online Learning: Tools and Strategies to Increase Engagement and Success
  23. Student Motivation: Increasing Engagement, Persistence & Learning
  24. The Happiness Trifecta: What Covid19 Can Teach Us About Happiness and Mindfulness
  25. Understanding The New Non-Traditional Student: Supporting Their Success In & Out Of The Classroom


Hawai‘i Community College is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution and is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, arrest and court record, sexual orientation, status as a covered veteran, national guard, victims of domestic or sexual violence, gender identity and expression, genetic information, citizenship, credit history, and income assignment. For inquiries regarding our nondiscrimination policies, please contact Dorinna Cortez, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, dorinna@hawaii.edu. For disability accommodations, please contact Hāʻawi Kokua at 934-2725.