Maui, Hawaii

Learn all about this great place!

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The weather in Maui is really nice all year round. It is around 90°F. It feels very tropical there. It is sunny all of the time here. And of course, it is always warm. The weather is a big factor and attraction to come here because people just want to lay out all day.


One great place that has lots of animals is the aquarium. The one that I went to was the Maui Ocean center. Some animals are very specific to the state of Maui. For example The Hawaiian Monk Seal. sometimes you can also get in the tank with some animals and swim with them. Also just also sea animals in general. It is cool because when I went there some of the aquariums are connected to restaurant's inside.


They offer surfing lessons at the beach or by the beach in Maui. They teach you dhow to get up on a surf board, what kind of waves to ride and how to get going. Everyone is all so caring. It is really hard though. I fell off a lot. And the water is really really clear, it is so neat.
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Maui is a very tropical place and one of the foods that they are known for is pineapple. Most of their food is very tropical but it has a big variety and has lots of other food.They have some sea food too. There are lots of snack bars pretty much anywhere you walk.


When I went there my family and I drove up to the top off a cliff over the ocean to watch the sun set. It is so beautiful up there. You can bring little snacks and huddle up in a blanket. Sometimes it can be a little cold. I think that the experience is better when your higher up.
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"Maui is one of the best places I have ever traveled to, it has a great variety of things to do and, is so fun and warm!" ~My Dad